AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Night the Mighty Dragons Died

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PostSubject: The Night the Mighty Dragons Died   Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:04 am

This eve I wittnessed the destruction of all the Dragons in N'cen, young and full adults. Garrick, under the guise of a large black panther, attacked and killed all the young dragons as well as the adults Ophidia and Nyx. I watched in horror as the Great Nyx was attacked and eventually killed. During these battles it rained blood across Ni'cen. Garrick, after changing back into a more normal form, collected the "heart of hearts" from the 5 slain dragons.

Words blowing in on the wind informed me that the "Arch Spiritor and his dragons have been killed" Garrick then stated there were more dragons to be killed and changed back into a black panther and headed towards Hyperborea. I could not verify if the dragons in Tir'an were killed, but I do know the lone dragon out in the sea, Scylla, was baddly injured and may still die. The sea changed to blood red from the battle between the panther and dragon. For those who were not present it was a horrendous event and difficult to watch. This is everything I know at this time. The winds blow a song of change across both Prolix and Tir'an.
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The Night the Mighty Dragons Died
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