AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Attack upon dragons

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dr. duke


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PostSubject: Attack upon dragons   Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:21 pm

This afternoon i was told that the dragons of prolix were killed. i then returned from my voyage at sea to hear the attck upon my good friend, the dragoness Scylla.

You see a giant splash in the southern ocean at 82S 65W!
Dr. Duke: scylla?
Dr. Duke: scylla?
Blood of panther and dragon alike starts to ooze through the oceans..
You are too far away to attack this person.
You hit Garrick for 69 points of damage!
You killed Garrick!
You gained 291 EXP in strength.

Dr. Duke: scylla???
Kenny69: all the dragons perish this night
Dr. Duke's Spear stabs at the side of the panther, preventing it from taking the final blow to the dragon
Dr. Duke: *pets scylla*
Dr. Duke: kenny
Kenny69: yes?
Dr. Duke: how strong are you?
Dr. Duke: wee need to get this dragon to adurna villaggee
Dr. Duke: or she will die
The combined strength of Kenny69,dr. duke, and a little of scyllas own strenght the dragon is moved inside the docks of Adurna Village
Dr. Duke: Garrick, you vile beast get away scylla is under the protection of Adurna
Dr. Duke: you know my strenght has beat yours in teh past and continues to
Garrick: *he sniffs around a bit before departing through the forests*
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Attack upon dragons
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