AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Organized Nations of Korth

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The Organized Nations of Korth Empty
PostSubject: The Organized Nations of Korth   The Organized Nations of Korth EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 12:16 am

Great Prolix is the current superpower of the land & the human nation set among various climate areas around the land of Korth. As they are humans, they worship no god. Their government is run in a unique oligarchy colonial way in that there is a single elected Imperator, who oversees all townships/cities within the United Korth Empires and then each township has a king or queen or regional governor that reports directly to the Imperator. Together, the Imperator, all kings or queens, the Prime Marshall of the national military, and the Lieutenant Governor of the capital city form the legislative, executive, and judicial council for the Union of Council. Great Prolix is the military arm of Korth. Their army is sworn to protect not only Great Prolix, but all of the United Korth Empires in general from foreign invasion. Their most powerful weapon is the Sword of Prolix, which is arguably the most powerful sword in the entire land of Korth.

Holy Tir'an Republic is the elven nation set in the forest oasis in the southwestern part of the land of Korth. They primarily worship the God of the Dark Night & Bright Stars (Torrix) and have developed a “theocratic democracy” system of government using Torrix’s priests to run the executive and judicial part of government while a Grand Assembly of the people and their elected representatives decides on what is law. Tir’an is currently a large power within Korth with a very abundant vault of natural resources. They pride themselves on running the University of Korth, which consists of teams of experts constantly researching and inventing new technologies to advance Tir’an into a new age. Where a warrior may be an honorable job to a human, the job of scientist would be a highly esteemed, honorable job to a Tir’anian. Make no mistake though; these people are not bookworms for their armed forces known as the Guardians of the Night are holders of two of the most powerful weapons in the land: the Ollopan Bow (which has roughly a range of 100 meters) and the Spear of Torrix.

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The Organized Nations of Korth
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