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 The Organized Races of Korth

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The Organized Races of Korth Empty
PostSubject: The Organized Races of Korth   The Organized Races of Korth EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 12:12 am

Although, a player can be any race he/she wants, there are certain organized races that have collectively been around in great numbers in Korth for as long as it has existed. These races are the following: Elves, Drows, and Humans.

Elves in Korth are similar to the Lord of the Rings/Tolkien representation (as opposed to the Santaís workshop representation). There is no set standard appearance for a Korthian appearance as it is up to the player to imagine how they want their character to look. Typically elves in Korth end up being taller than the average human, blonde haired with blue or green eyes, pointed or irregularly shaped ears, no freckles, very light skin, etc. Their choice of weapon is the bow and arrow based on their idea that it takes more skill to practice your accuracy with a bow and it is more effective and cleaner to finish off any enemy before from a distance rather than messy hand-to-hand combat.

Another unique feature about elves is that they are the only race to organize religions with a consistent code of values and deities. On this issue, however, they are split and a character wishing to be an elf will have to make a decision here on their stance. Some elves have a darker, more sinister perception of the world, so they would congregate around the Moon God Ranul with his Cult of Ranul. Other elves have a lighter, more hopeful perception of the world and try to be friends before enemies with new people, so they would congregate around the Sun Goddess/Divine Mother Ollopa. Still, there are other elves that like to enjoy life, partying, intoxication, astrology, having a fun time with friends and family with little regard to whether their actions were good or evil, so they would congregate around the God of the Dark Night & Bright Stars Torrix with dr. duke & his Fellowship of the Night religion.

Drows in Korth are a very diverse group. They can take on many forms with varying skin colors, numbers of arms/legs, numbers of eyes, hair colors, etc, which makes it difficult to classify what a particular drow standardly looks like. In general, they must be classified by a common personality trait to lean towards the most evil side of the world. They do not worship any deity because they prefer to follow what each one believes is right. They have no strong family bonds and would quickly kill a family member for power or inheritance money. They do not make lasting friendships and even short-term friendships are made when one drow needs to use another for some deceit. Their choice of weapon is the dagger because it requires closer hand-to-hand combat for a bloodier death of their opponent. This fosters a closer connection between drow and opponent, which truly makes the drow feel superior.

Humans in Korth appear just as they do on Earth. They come in more diverse forms than elves but not as diverse as the drow. Nowadays, they can accurately be described as wealthy soldiers. They would readily join the armed forces to protect their homes. There is no real weapon of choice for a human, but they continually strive to enhance their weapons through discovering new technologies and techniques of fighting. Discovery and exploration is of great interest to a human. Money is still a major component of a humanís life, but is no longer a necessity to the point where humans may be considered the greedy people of Korth. Humans are warriors, who are loyal to a cause if they believe it will directly benefit them. They do not worship any deities because they would prefer to believe that man is capable of attaining all knowledge through vigorous study, exploration, and discovery. They do however believe in the Human Spirit, which is what they believe drives the magical forces that are used to make spells happen.

Lesser Races you may choose from are the following: jackal, satyr, gnoll, werewolf, vampire, fox-like humanoid, hobbit, centaur, dwarf (used to be in great numbers, but now are mostly extinct), or anything else you can think of!

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The Organized Races of Korth
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