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 State of the Republic address

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PostSubject: State of the Republic address   State of the Republic address EmptyWed Nov 26, 2008 9:05 pm

Divine King Torrix,
Blessed Queen Gala,
Mother of Creation Ollopa,
Elves of the Holy Republic,
Women and men of Korth,

I am the Servant of the Elven Race, the Ambassador from Tir'an to Korth, the Torrite of the Pandryl City, the Son of the Dragon Princess Tiamat, and an Astrologer of the Stars above. These are the duties of the Cala for the Divine King Torrix. I am Valuk Exinoris, Cala of the Holy Republic.

Long ago, Tir'an was a small elven village known by few outside its concealed walls. It was a village that rested in the heart of the Great Forest but invisible from outsider view. It was ruled by Prince DayStar the Ancient and composed of the few elven outcasts who chosen to proclaim themselves for the Divine King, His Eternal Mother, and all that they stood for. They loved to care for nature and loved to observe the shining stars that dotted the night sky above their heads.

After the ascension of DayStar, dr. duke rose as Prince of Tir'an and revealed all of the wonders of Tir'an to Korth. He brought Tir'an into a larger role on the international scale. He frequently dealt with Emperor Garrick of Pylos and entered Tir'an into a peaceful alliance with Queen Padfoot of Dolf-Hloab and High Priestess Ladychat of Aspreith. He saw that the foundations of Tir'an survive throughout the Pylos Domination and paved the way for Tir'an to re-enter the Korthian stage as a major nation. From here, I inherited the Princehood and wrote the Holy Republican Charter, which governs the government today. Several issues have arisen in these times that need to be addressed and solved swiftly.

The anti-poaching law was agreed upon to prevent the hunting of animals who meet three essential requirements: 1) Belong to Endangered species 2) Have Young Offspring 3) Are Located within Tir'an boundaries. This does not prevent all hunting, as worshippers of Torrix, hunting is a crucial means of survival. Currently, this policy only bans the hunt of Durgang and Dingo creatures. To enforce this law, a spell was cast over the natural habitats of the Durgang and of the Dingo to prevent non-dingoes or non-durgangs from entering the natural habitats. Durgangs and dingoes can still come and go as they please, but the spell is specific to prevent others from intruding inside. This effectively creates both the Durgang National Preserve and the Dingo Safe Haven, which I hope will last for as long as it takes for the young Durgang and Dingo offspring to grow into thriving adults. In this time, I have brought new deer, wild boars, and desert orcs to the scene of Tir'an so that no hunter has to go hungry or be without business. Deer, boar, and desert orcs are more populated species, do not have young offspring, and provide resources such as the Slab of Meat, which is more useful than a Durgang Claw or a Dingo Tooth. Where hunters used to hunt durgangs and dingoes, they can now hunt wild boar, deer, and desert orc to make up for the loss in a manner that is more profitable and less harmful to those like Voice Sea, who wish to protect the Durgangs and Dingoes.

The return of Dragons to Korth has sparked much controversy these past weeks. Prolix is now known for the care and raising of three red dragons that were given to them by my dragon uncle Ryuu, who has now allied himself with the Southern Dragons. Sara Adams has received word from my dragoness aunt Scylla that a sixth dragon is to be born in the Gelertia Colony of Tir'an. We should stand united, together as a Korth of Friends. We must not break alliances or friendships over the return of dragons. We must not ally against our fellow Korthians. If anything, we should offer the dragons a place in our alliance. The Campfire Alliance, formed in the days of Queen Onyx, to share peace between Tir'an and Prolix, must stand firm and balanced. The alliance can elevate the society of Korth to new heights with the addition of dragons. We must make peace, not war.

In that spirit, I officially support and affirm Archspirit Father's sovereign right to rule in his Prolix territory as he pleases. I had once opposed Father's reign in Prolix since the removal of Queen Onyx. However, I see now the strength and honor that Father has commanded in his time in leading Prolix. I support his right to rule there and will begin to do so, regardless of whether or not Father wishes to do the same for Tir'an. I offer any help that I can give to Father and his spiritdoms to further his reign on the path of Faith and Prosperity.

Contrary to the principles of the alliance, threats or "near-threats" of War have surfaced from outside Tir'an. I want to reaffirm that Every Citizen has the duty and the right to protect Tir'an any way they can from an invading force. This does not have to be through direct violence upon the attackers. It could also include healing other citizens, providing other citizens with the support of more arrows or other stuffs they would need in battle. We do not have a militaristic army or oppressive walls to stand under the disguise of "national defense". We have our faith in the Divine King Torrix. And I guarantee, that as long as your skills are all at 1, so long as you maintain firm faith in your friends and neighbors, Torrix will ensure that nothing harmful happens to you in battle. To further prepare us for anything that may happen, whenever a citizen asks me to train, I will not and can not deny the training request. I will help train any and all citizens that only ask for my help.

If there are any citizens who do not yet have a job in the Don Benerel marketplace, please contact me immediately to receive a job. I will be providing a free shield or 3,000 SP to all successful Merchants. This offer is available to both present merchants and any new merchants that arise.

Our holy republic currently suffers a "Democracy Crisis", where the Constables of the Pandryl Curia (KyleXX of New Aepran City, Duke Turunalindi of Adurna Village, Shadow Demon of Hyperborea Village, Sir Christian of Pandryl Holy City) have not met in person to fulfill their collective task, which is to decide on new law for their constituencies of people and to render judicial review of current laws and decisions of the Cala. I will give them 1 week to meet in a session to fulfill this task. If they do not heed this call to assemble, the Charter will have to be rewritten again in favor of a more successful form of government with the voice of the people. If they do heed this call to assemble, I will personally award each of them with either a Spear of Torrix or an Ollopan Bow, the symbols of the Divine King and His Mother.

A "History Crisis" continues to wreak havoc on our land as well where few people know about the history of our past. For example, how many of you can describe such illustrious people as Empress Theodora, King Polydeuces, or even King Priam? I plan to appoint a Professor of History, who may be from any background (Tir'an or Prolix or Independent) to teach the history of Korth. I will pay this person out of my own savings 500 SP per class session. Anyone who is willing to take on this challenge, please contact me immediately.

A "Parties Crisis" involving a lack of many parties or social gatherings in Tir'an has risen as well. So, like with the History Crisis, I will be offering, out of my own savings, 700 SP per party that a citizen holds on their own with a group of people and sufficient advertising. Tir'an should be a nation for festivities and parties and friends to gather. Let us redeem this quality as soon as possible!

What would the Tir'anian Renaissance be without advancements in science or technology? I will pay 700 SP per successful experiment designed for good intentions that raises hope for an advancement in technology. Likewise, I will pay 100 SP for each failed experiment designed for good intentions. We must try to better ourselves into a more modern era.

If science is not your area of expertise, I also plan to pay any individual 500 SP that writes a well-written background and posts it to the Character History section of the forums. This section of the forum is designed so we can learn more about each other and discover important insight that can help prevent conflict between individuals. I can also pay an 100 SP to any writer who writes a short 2 paragraph article describing a cool place of interest within the land of Korth and posts the article to the forums.

Finally, the last part of my plan calls for a new stipulation to be added to the Campfire Alliance. I will work with Cernunos and Father. to add this stipulation where if any allied nation makes a law that affects the International community, a vote that lasts for at least 1 week and is open to all people of Korth must be enacted prior to that law's passing. Hopefully, such can solve future disputes and make the threats of war less frequent in our society.

In closing, Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha! Namaarie!

May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown! Farewell!
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State of the Republic address
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