AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Sea's Class Room.

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Sea's Class Room. Empty
PostSubject: Sea's Class Room.   Sea's Class Room. EmptySun Oct 12, 2008 11:59 pm

Every Sunday there will be a new comers class at my house.
The new comers class will be every Sunday at 10pm VR time.

I will be giving out Prizes to all who come to class.
And a contest to any one who can find
All five color scrolls in my house.
There are a White, red, yellow, blue and purple

The prize for finding all 5 will be 7
Herbal teas Or 20 chunks of crystal.
You will have to telegram me and tell me where
They are If you know where they are.

The first newcomers class will be held on Sunday
October 19th at 10pm VR time. The coodinates are:
AW Myths world at 70S, 44W.

All are welcome, at whatever level you may be as far as AW
game knowledge.

In the event that a newcomers session needs to be cancelled
for a particular week, I will leave a message in the community
forum space.


Voice Sea, Love ya All. sunny
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Sea's Class Room.
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