AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Dream for Tir 'an.

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The Dream for Tir 'an. Empty
PostSubject: The Dream for Tir 'an.   The Dream for Tir 'an. EmptySun Sep 28, 2008 12:34 am

It was quiet last night.
I went to bed with a glass of warm milk, and a book of magic.
That night before I had gone to bed, I had noticed the new moon around the Rhun Star.

The Rhun Star Is part of Elfin Constellation.
There are a group of stars called the White Dragon that protect the Elfin Constellation.
Looking at them going East; they form a perfect picture of a dragon.

Legend has it that when the moon is to close to White Dragon it is not a good sign.
But tonight, the moon is far off.

And the stars are bright.
They are colors of the rainbow.
The colors always have different meanings.

White for hope, love, peace, and wisdom.
Blues for prosperous fishing.
Green for ownership of land and houses.
Yellow for for money: gold, gems,silver,and crystals.
Gray for things Unknown.
Orange for doubts and worries.
Red for problems of conflict and war.
Black for Death,Hell, the fall of cities, and Dark Kings.

This very night I fell into a deep sleep.
While sleeping, I felt myself floating.
As I was floating I could see the sky.
Then I felt as though I where flying across my world's Great Sea.
I landed on an island full of trees.
I could read all the stars clearly from there.

So I decided to set up a place to study.
I put up a tent and started a fire. While the fire began to burn, I went fishing in the Great Sea. In a small time I caught enough for a meal.

I laid out writing paper,books and my Scroll of Star Knowledge.
I put out a magic water fountain that never runs dry along side my amythyst crystal statue of Torrix.
To enhance my study of the stars overhead I carefulluI laid several multi-colored crystals for divination on the ground.
I was so hungery by this time I contently prepared and ate the fish I had caught.

I was ready to begin my divination of that was around me and in the stars overhead. I was caught up in a hypnotic trance awash in many spinning colors and meanings......

The Durgang babies are in the stars as having favor with Torrix.
He has blessed the two since they were born.
Once the land was barren, and no crops could be made to grow. Now it is richly fertile.
We will have abundant rain this growing season.

But we need to beware for we have a secret villain in the land that will betray us soon.
He that has been a friend will turn on us.
But we will find him out, and put him
out of our land.
There will be new rulers that will bring a blessing in the land.
Many old ways that have been rejected will become respected again and neglected rituals will be seen in the land anew.

I see many new kinds of plants and trees growing in the land, and new kinds of healing flowers.
I see people careing for one anther.
Friend be closer to friend and there will be no animosity upon the land.

Though the land and its people are to be richly blessed there is a dark presence. This dark presence patiently waits for the right time when It can unleash tremendous evil, fury and sorrow upon the people!

Then I woke up, and before me was a beckoning bright light.
So I got on my horse and followed it to the island i had dreamed of.
And ALL I had dreamed was true.
If you want to visit the Island it is at 44S 61E.

And they way I has set up the Island was truly as I had left it in my dream.
So It was true. I had really been there in the spirit.
And set the island up for myself for the future.
And for the future studying of the stars in the heavens.
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The Dream for Tir 'an.
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