AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Rhun Star

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PostSubject: Rhun Star   Rhun Star EmptyMon Jul 28, 2008 2:47 pm


Melloneamin (My friends).

Yay, I have found a new star.
As soon as I saw the star, I realized it
is farther then our system.
The star had given me comefort,and brings me joy.

I also realize it is in the El fen constellation
portion of the sky.
Seems I found a new star and me being an elf
will name it Rhun Star; which means East Star.
Torrx now has a star to guide our people.
It will be good for hunters that love to hunt by night.
To you I bid Quel fara. Good hunting.
I feel a tug of the night telling me it is a welcome star. A star for weary elf travelers.
I think that Torrx is lighting the night
to give comfort to us all.
Tis my way to go to the city and study the stars at night.
My devotion is to Tir'an.
I pray to Torrix.
To study the stars by night,
I have an altar I have set out.
Two white candles and a glass of water.
Some white flowers,
With some fine incense.
My magic is from the heart, and is
somewhat primitive. But it indeed helps me to
The candles are for light.
The water is to see if there are any good spirits in the room.
If the water bubbles, the spirits are good.
I love my people and My God Torrix.
Thus, I spend time praying to see such things as this Star.
So keep looking to the east, to Rhun Star ( a truly new star I have found!)

Quel marth (Good luck).
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Rhun Star
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