AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 A Serious Event Happened!

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A Serious Event Happened! Empty
PostSubject: A Serious Event Happened!   A Serious Event Happened! EmptySun Jun 01, 2008 1:11 am

One day I roam along the lands of Korth and

happen to go to Edan and QueenOny was there and

also DarkMonkey. I ask them why they are so

freightend. They just said hurry get inside

theres a big storm coming.. But something told me

to go to the Chalets of Lord Garrick I new

something was going on and it wasn't good. So we

headed there and Lord Garrick has Summoned me on

top of a stone paralyed to where I couldn't move.

I asked him why he's doing this. It is because I

betrayed him and the god of Ranul. He then takes

his scepter and hits me sucking every bit of

blood out of me. Having enough energy I just

suddenly gain life and life summons me back to

Lord Garricks Chalet. I was walking to Garrick

and all of a sudden I feel weakened and I was

very healthy but I rememberd he sucked all my

blood out. I try to take a sip of water but my

hand falls on Garricks foot leaving me into a

dark sleep. Wakening Up at my house in Tir'an I

rest for weeks to gain my blood cycle back.
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A Serious Event Happened!
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