AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 gala appears as a ghost

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shadow demon

shadow demon

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gala appears  as a ghost Empty
PostSubject: gala appears as a ghost   gala appears  as a ghost EmptySun Sep 23, 2007 11:05 pm

You see the pearly white image of a dragon ghost before you...
"It is good to see you again, shadow demon.. and even better to see my daughter Scylla has grown well"
"And Tiamat has made me very proud watching over Pagoda..."
"I believe the prophecy has changed slightly..."
"Your care for all 5 of my hatchlings has changed the prophecy, shadow demon. You never once faltered from your promise to me"
"Oh, you have changed it for the better"
"The prophecy now states that from the rubble of the Western and Southern Dragons, the heirs to my throne will rebuild a great, united Dragon Region"
"My dear eldest son Ryuu will sit upon the throne, with Tiamat as his religious counsel and Scylla as his military chiefess"
"Welll.. both Nidhogg and Scylla will serve as his military counsel... Scylla breed new dragons of the sea and Nidhogg will breed new land-dwelling dragons"
"For the first time in 8,000 years.. the dragons will have faith in Ollopa, Ranul, & Torrix.. thanks to Tiamat"
"And take care of Ryuu.. the way you raise him in Aspreith.. will be the kind of king he grows up to be"
"Now, you must be wondering what becomes of Leviathan"
"Leviathan's destiny has not changed.. she will still unite all of Korth into one glorious nation.."
"Let her be, she will change naturally"
"After she unites Korth into one nation.. she will go on to rule said nation..."
"And then one of two things will occur: 1) She will be killed by Korth and all dragons together or 2) She will leave the land herself to begin a new life on another continent of the world"
"She, unlike Ryuu and Nidhogg, may never completely have a freed soul"
"Just as you did with the first prophecy.. report this one to the forums"
"And there is comething else"
"For your unwavering loyalty, I grant thee the title of King of the Eastern Dragons.. that is until the new prophecy comes true"
"Remember that this title only grants you authority over the Eastern Dragons-- that is my children as of now"
"You may and in fact, I insist thee remain in Aspreith where it is safe and your goddess watches over you"
"I will enjoy that very much watching my darling Tiamat. take up her destiny as the Dragon High Priestess of the Gods"
That what she had said to me cherry
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gala appears as a ghost
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