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 The Fall of a Great City

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The Fall of a Great City Empty
PostSubject: The Fall of a Great City   The Fall of a Great City EmptyFri Aug 31, 2007 10:34 pm

I must admit at least partial fault in the fall of Prolix City (and Tir'an). Upon the signing of the "Korth Alliance" and Pylos' removal from Aspreith, I believed the rulers in this "Korth Alliance" were coming together to plan a grand scale assault upon my home and fortress that I love- Pylos. Then after the Torcas River was gone.. I admit I panicked. I had in the past found friendship with the Queens of Moira-- that is where the Elghinn Truth comes from that makes the skill crystals. So I went to them for help. Once I managed to get a dragon egg and it hatched, I was able to extract some blood for Queen Soporta. We had agreed to use Leviathan to take out the "Korth Alliance" , or at the very least, to remove their leaders from power so they can't plan a grand scale assault upon Pylos.

Earlier today, we had decided to put our plans into action. And so Leviathan flew off to Tir'an bringing much destruction to the first elven village in our way. However, when I believed Leviathan to be going to Aspreith.. Soporta instead had her go to Prolix City.. to enact her revenge on the people that broke away from Moira so long ago. I hate to say it, but Leviathan did less damage to Tir'an than she did in Prolix City. I am truly sorry for my mistake in trusting a Queen of Moira to any humans that are still out there.

I will make it my duty now to welcome all humans from Prolix City into Pylos. The loss of their homes is partially my fault.

Oh and for those of you (namely Padfoot) who only care about their money.. Doug and Arnold in Prolix City's bank survived. They have been brought to Pylos where they will share their banking business with Jack the Jackal.Your money is safe.
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The Fall of a Great City
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