AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Hunted Elven King becomes the Hunter Shadow

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The Hunted Elven King becomes the Hunter Shadow Empty
PostSubject: The Hunted Elven King becomes the Hunter Shadow   The Hunted Elven King becomes the Hunter Shadow EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 8:39 pm

Believers of Torrix consider this story to be a religious text filled with gods and divine miracles, but know the truth that this is false and “Torrix” was nothing more than a wicked sorcerer that tainted the minds of elven women to do his evil bidding.

Pentheus Turunalindi, the King of Tur'run of the time, was the son of Torkel's sister, but he had no idea that the leader of this band of excited, strange-acting women was his own cousin. He did not know that when his tragic uncle Torkel died, Ollopa was pregnant with his child. The wild dancing and the loud joyous singing and the generally queer behavior of these strangers seemed to him highly objectionable, and to be stopped at once. Pentheus ordered his guards to seize and imprison the visitors, especially the leader, "whose face is flushed with wine, a cheating sorcerer from Aepran." But as he said these words he heard behind him a solemn warning: "The man you reject is a new god. He is Torkel's only son, whom Ollopa birthed. He, with divine Ranul, is greatest upon Korth for men." The speaker was the old blind prophet Tiresias, the holy man of Tur'run from the city Aepran who knew as no one else the will of the gods. But as Pentheus turned to answer him he saw that he was tricked out like the wild women: a wreath of ivy on his dark hair, his strong shoulders covered by a fawn skin, a pine-tipped wand in his trembling hand. Pentheus laughed mockingly as he looked Him over and then ordered him with contempt out of his sight. Thus he brought upon himself his doom; he would not hear when the gods spoke to him.

Torrix was led in before him by a band of soldiers. They said he had not tried to flee or to resist, but he had done all possible to make it easy for them to seize and bring Him until they felt ashamed and told Him they were acting under orders, not of their own free will. They declared, too, that the maidens they had imprisoned had all escaped to the forests. The fetters would not keep fastened; the doors unbarred themselves. "This man," they said, "has come to Tur'run with many wonders-"

Pentheus by now was blind to everything except his anger and his scorn. He spoke roughly to Torrix, who answered him with entire gentleness, seeming to try to reach his real self and open his eyes to see that he was face to face with divinity. He warned him that he could not keep Him in prison, "for Ollopa will set me free."

"Ollopa?" Pentheus asked jeeringly, knowing of the religious tales of Ollopa told in Aepran.

"Yes," Torrix answered. "She is here and sees my suffering."

"Not where my eyes can see Her," Pentheus said.

"She is where I am," answered Torrix. "You cannot see Her for you are not pure."

Pentheus angrily ordered the soldiers to bind Him and take Him to the prison and Torrix went, saying, "The wrongs you do to me are wrongs done to the gods."

But the prison could not hold Torrix. He came forth, and going to Pentheus again He tried to persuade him to yield to what these wonders plainly showed was divine, and welcome this new worship of a new and great god. When, however, Pentheus only heaped insults and threats upon Him, Torrix left him to his doom. It was the most horrible that there could be.

Pentheus went to pursue the Torrites among the forests where the maidens had fled when they escaped from prison. Many of the Tur'run women had joined Torrix; Pentheus' mother and her sisters were among them. And there Torrix brought upon his punishment to Pentheus. He made Pentheus into a wild boar. The Torrites rushed to feast upon Pentheus, his mother first. As they fell upon him he knew at last that he had fought against a god and must pay with his life. They tore him limb from limb, and then, only then, the god restored their senses, and Pentheus' mother saw what she had done. Looking at her in her agony, the maidens all sobered now, the dancing over and the singing and the wild wand-waving, sang to one another,

“In strange ways hard to know gods come to elves,
Many a thing past hope they had fulfilled,
And what was looked for went another way.
A path we never thought to tread Torrix found for us.
So has this come to pass.”

Pentheus was revived to life by Torrix and cursed to walk the land eternally as a wild boar, to be perpetually hunted day after day by the Torrites. Until one day in the year 2800 AC when the sun went down never to rise again, a shadow being came upon him and restored him to the form of a shadow, ending Torrix’s curse and allowing Pentheus to seek the revenge he desperately wanted for thousands of years against the elves that perpetually hunted him down like a wild animal.
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The Hunted Elven King becomes the Hunter Shadow
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