AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 He is Risen from the Depths of Fire

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Nigio Dane

Nigio Dane

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He is Risen from the Depths of Fire Empty
PostSubject: He is Risen from the Depths of Fire   He is Risen from the Depths of Fire EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 8:12 pm

Nigio Dane was a warrior, and looked the part. He was tall and well-made, but also lean. He was a pure Drow, so he had black eyes, but his hair was red as fire. As an adult he wore a close-cropped beard that made his face appear to be perpetually lit aflame. Nigio was an angry drow, and he never smiled. He was resentful all his life, and had a special loathing for his older brother, Ropiet the Destructive.

Nigio, and his twin sister Pegiu, were born at the mouth of the Pylos Volcano to Olrac the Cruel & an unknown mother, although it was often said that his mother was a dragon as large as the moon that had laid the Pylos Volcano as an egg for Nigio and Pegiu. When Olrac’s wife Inaseph recovered her health, her twin children Ropiet & Mila forced Olrac the Cruel to send Nigio and Pegiu back into the volcano, and the two were instead raised in the volcano, which was both their “womb” and prison of their early lives. Nigio was angry his whole life due to this, but reserved particular loathing for Ropiet. When Olrac finally did release Nigio and Pegiu from their volcanic prison,  Ropiet and his twin sister Mila forsaked the family traditions by alterring their surnames to Enad, a backwards version of Dane to show their defiance to the family. With Ropiet as the eldest child of Olrac the Cruel, this now placed the newly formed, backwards Enad family as the heirs to Pylos and robbed Nigio of any place in the line of succession. Ropiet Enad became King of Pylos upon the “accidental” slaying of his father Olrac the Cruel.

In the First Dane Rebellion, Nigio led a faction of drows against King Ropiet the Destructive. During the Battle of the Burning Grass, Nigio commanded his troops to the near defeat of Ropiet, but Nigio was robbed of being the one to kill his brother the king. Upon Ropiet's death, Mila rallied a far greater force of drows and surrounded Nigio’s faction, taking out her brother's eye in the process. However, managing to recover his health, Nigio fled battle at the end of the rebellion to the pits of the volcano with a few surviving followers.There, Nigio and his followers became grotesque-looking drows with skin made of lava.

Over the many years, the Lava Drows went out of the volcano to ignite another Dane Rebellion every time that a new Enad family member inherited the Pylos throne. There were six Dane rebellions in all and each one of them failed spectacularly. The Enad family grew into paranoid leaders that didn’t even trust other Enad family members, and ironically this paranoia allowed them to better protect themselves from other influences during the Dane rebellions.

With the rise of Multilex Enad to the Pylos throne, Nigio and his followers, now hundreds of years old but still burning with fire from the pits of the volcano, are ready to emerge once again to attempt another rebellion against the backwards royal family of Pylos.
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He is Risen from the Depths of Fire
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