AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 What is a Druid?

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You ask, What is a Druid?

They are secretive and full of riddles. The Druids call the wilderness their home. They are capable of calling down lightning, embracing the stormy winds, running with a pack of wolves and speaking the language of Korth's ancient trees. Every challenge set forth before them is regarded as a test to both their  health and their connection to the wild places of the world.

Most project an outer being of calm yet many struggle with the internal balance between what is their primal nature and what is their capacity to heal.

As a Druid you may have been born to the wilds or retracted from civilization, you may have been born into a lineage of druids or simply heard the whispers of your heart but one common factor remains with the Druids of Korth: No matter your race, you share a primal bond with the spirits of nature.
You are neither servant or master to them but your innate abilities have the trees, the winds, and even the beasts around you listening to your every word. The elements and the creatures of the forest recognize you as kin.
You can call to the nature spirits and they will help entangle your foes or wash them away with the tides.

Unleash your primal side and you can become the Primal Beast, uncaged and untamed. From walking with these creatures you have learned to harness the power of shape-shifting transforming yourself into creatures such as bears, birds, or even wolves. By learning to become one of them you gain some of their known strengths but your humanity sometimes becomes lost in the translation.
This is why most druids veer away from civilization for they feel more at home in wild with the animals they protect then with the people of civilizations that slaughter.
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What is a Druid?
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