AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Amandil Hayvn - The Druids

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PostSubject: Amandil Hayvn - The Druids   Amandil Hayvn    -   The Druids EmptyThu Feb 13, 2014 2:53 pm

Druids were always amongst the people of Korth. During the ancient time of the elves, Druidry and the arts of healing were used in concert with the land. These early practitioners perfected their spells to assist in enhancing the environment around them. Some felt attuned to the weather making them useful in forecasting the rains and seasons for crop growing. Others helped the mariners shift the winds to their favor to expedite their ships to port. Being closely akin to the animals around them, the druids learned to shift forms to better understand the primal instincts within.  Those who have grown more accustom to shape-shifting sometimes would live away from civilizations to better understand their furry counterparts.  In earlier times, Druids served as sages and wise people for their tribes.  They would seek out new ways to enlighten themselves and train those under their care. “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a night. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life.”

As civilizations grew, Science and academies replaced the fireplace teachings of the Druids. The druids felt pushed to the countryside since the hard stone facades left them uneasy. Most were used to open ranges and large rolling hills. They retreated to the forests in secret while the people of Korth built their new temples to Gods and their cities for trade. Political structures took the place of the sages.  Soon only those who stuck to the old traditions would come visit the Druids in their far forgotten places. Some druids took on new mantles in the cities. Those who could tolerate the closed in environments became doctors, healers, and councilors masking their old ways in the new technologies that surrounded them.

Our story doesn’t end here. When Nature herself became too scarred by the ravages of her soil, she let loose a cleansing to heal the damages done. Where cities were excessive and tainted lands were out of balance, Earthquakes and Hurricanes came.  These powerful forces removed much of the taint left by civilization leaving new fertile soil to grow forth life once more.

Far away in the small place now known as Amandil Hayvn a dragon’s tomb was untouched. This sacred spot held one of the last enforcers of world balance. What the hurricane took away from this land it left behind the neutral palette perfect for a small sect of druids led by High Priestess Mita.  Natural magic was not tainted here. High Priestess Mita began encouraging the floral to grow en masse. With their growth, the fawna returned. Curious beings leave the area speaking of a “natural feeling of calm” as if all wars ceased, all racism was left in the waters. Korth’s Safe Haven was born.

The Druids meditated for a time about the remnants of civilization left in Amandil Hayvn. A lone lighthouse was left standing after the storms. It was determined that it was left there as a symbol, a guiding light for the weary to come rest in this reborn land. Here all are welcome and healed. No war will come, for fear of the dragon’s wrath will awaken in the dark tombs below. This land of Amandil Hayvn is a true Neutral Nation in the making. As decreed by High Priestess Mita, all are welcome but bloodshed is not. The Druids will rise as a healing force to help balance the worlds of nature and man. True primal magic is allowed to cultivate here.
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Amandil Hayvn - The Druids
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