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 Declaration of Peace

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PostSubject: Declaration of Peace   Declaration of Peace EmptySun Jan 06, 2013 3:51 pm

It is with great honor that I get to report this latest in good news out of Great Prolix. The Great Prolix army & navy can both report that we are in the middle of a peace time. No soldier has been killed or had to do any killing. No one has attacked our borders, nor have we attempted to attack anyone else. We are living in an era where violent crime is completely unheard of. That is why I am pleased, as the Imperator William Seran Adams I for the United Korth Empires of Great Prolix, to establish into history the first Declaration of Peace in Korth.

We have entered an era where race does not matter anymore in Korth. It isn't what we are that matters, it is our actions that define us as individuals. In the words of a family member of mine named William Preston, "Be excellent to each other". Borders between states and cities do not matter. We can all get along and I am thrilled that we have been able to achieve this peace time.

We must always remember and hold dear to our hearts the fact that this peace did not come without its past struggles. Many persons have died, gone missing, or have lived through great trauma to help us as a society get to this period of peace.

Goshenta, Padfoot, Shokkus, Newman111, Jimbo Jambo, Adam, Father., Hunter2, Asora, Ashanrai, Ladychat, Sara Adams, shadow demon, RyanLion, Garrick, Lady Rosalia, Twin Blade, Lastria, Steel2000, Onyx, Attasha, Sheila M, vvSilverShadowvv, Neo Rousseau, Xandrake, AldebaranAnrik, Vladamire, Royal Wizard, Fro Daddy, Cernunos, Jennifer Zopel, Red Sorceress, Jackson, Simon, and The Masked One. Gone but not forgotten.

As we move forward, we must continue to hold up the wise words of William Preston, "Be excellent to each other". And in that spirit, I shall officially announce the commencement of Cernun GZ City as a city of perpetual festivals to celebrate the good times of peace.

Hail Korth!
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Declaration of Peace
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