AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Filling in the gaps

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Filling in the gaps Empty
PostSubject: Filling in the gaps   Filling in the gaps EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 8:25 am

It has been a long time since I last felt the Korth sun on my skin, and had a breath of the sweet air.

My fall from Power is both tragic and a mystery. Pagoda took me as a Child and I relished in its relics and artefacts, learning much more knowledge than had been spoken or taught in 1000’s of years and be races of people long since passed the mortal coil of our land.

I was both calas and protective of my place as Pagoda’s one true keeper. I always found it strange she chose me as my blood was diluted far beyond pure through my royal heritage, and not once had I even considered there to be a God. I believed in it as a living conscious entity though, Pagoda. Perhaps that is why I was thrown out in the most dramatic fashion, It saw into my soul and hoped for more, but my persistence to reject what I was seeing tainted my soul and she left me to die.
I was levitated and then thrown through the sky, I fell for what seemed an eternity, eventually what I was falling into was apparent, she had taken my right to life when she cast me out and like so many from the ancient times I had studied I was left to spend eternity in the darkness alone – dead.

One day which seemed to blurr with the last the darkness seemed different, it seemed to have a purpose or a cause, and instead of falling I could move my weight, I realised I was in water and I began to swim to what I believed was up in a misguided effort to escape my fate. I realise though, I didn’t escape eternal death, It still lingers with my lifeless body, I believe an entity took my from the darkness and placed me back into the world for a cause, but has denied me life once more, perhaps I will feel the heat on my skin again one day instead of eternal feeling of being in a vacuum.

I sensed in the desert land an ancient structure buried far beneath from the forgotten realms, and it rose from the depths for me, as in to welcome me home.

For those who wonder. I am not decaying, I do not feast for flesh, I am not a ‘zombie’ im simply a snapshot of my physical self like a preserved breath to wonder the living realm once more. I am also not a ghost. I am unique like we all are. Im here to change the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Filling in the gaps   Filling in the gaps EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 11:23 am

It is easy to reject the gods, but not easy when they reject you. Obviously the gods have given a chance to redeem your soul, simply accept the One True Torrix and offer prayers to Him. The Elves will rejoice, and help you find the Basilica where you may bask in the reflected glory of the gods. Offer friendship to the Elves, and they may pray Torrix restores you. Offer friendship to the Elves, and they may welcome you as the prodigal son returned. Offer friendship to the Elves, and be closer to Redemption. Rejecting the gods can only lead to eternal suffering in the Underworld. Hail Torrix !
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Filling in the gaps
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