AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Pixie Serethiel

Pixie Serethiel

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Char Name: Pixie Serthiel
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PostSubject: THE LOST, LOVEABLE PRINCESS OF EDEN   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:39 pm

Princess Melima Serethiel; is the current heir to the Kingdom of Selieum

My name is Princess Pixie Melima Serethiel queen ; I am the orphaned daughter of King Sidhmeldiriel Serethiel and Queen Tariel Arbellason. I was orphaned at 1 year old because my parents were murdered affraid on a trip to Silima; the Kingdom of the Elven. The aggressors attacked from the isolated land of Siladhiel; the Land of the Outlaws. Suspect
After the death of my parents, I was sent to live with the gentle people of Selieum; the Kingdom of the Royal Blood. While in Selieum, I learned many trades, such as; magic, nobility, hunting, fishing and fighting.

When I turned the age of 12, I left Selieum and headed to Cohava: Empire of the Werewolves. I had heard stories of the mighty werewolves and wanted to join them. When I reached Cohava, I requested to see the leader of the werewolves; Devon Gevaudan. Since I was still a member of the royal bloodline, I was granted permission to be subdues by the leader himself. cheers
Devon Gevaudan gave me the gift of the werewolves; immortality and transformation. After becoming a werewolf, I lived and trained with them. I fought & hunted with them and learned their ways & traditions study for an entire year.

Once I turned the age of 13, I left Cohava for the journey home to her beloved Selieum. Along the way, she was magically sent to an unknown world, known as AWMthys. I had been punished by the gods of Eden for deserting my responsibilities. pale During the transportation to the strange world, my identity was lost and my birth right to Eden removed confused, until the day of Primum, (The most holy day in Eden). I had been strolling through Prolix, when a voice spook to me. It cried, Holy daughter of the King Sidhmeldiriel Serethiel and Queen Tariel Arbellason, you have been tortured enough. We return your mind and soul to you. Remember your responsibilities and who you truly are. Then a light shun down upon me, and I remembered. sunny cheers

I turned 16 on the Ranvier 21, 234 A.C. I remembered responsibilities back in Eden were to restore power to her family and her land. Sadly, to do this I must marry a man of nobility king from the world I am trapped in. My search continues to this day; I search for a man of noble king blood to marry, in hope to restore peace and honor to Eden. I love you
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