AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Seran Adams

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Persona Record
Char Name: Seran Adams
Char Race: Part Elf/Part Human
Char Allies: Science

PostSubject: Seran Adams   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:09 pm

Name: Seran Adams (name follows ancient elven tradition of Motherís last name for the child)
Age: no older than 24

As I gaze into the Shokkus River at my reflection, I see a person who is three-quarters elf and one-quarter human, but whose features appear nearly entirely human with little elf. I see the rounded jaw of a man, sometimes encumbered by the fuzz of a shaved beard. I see the two small human beady, green eyes situated above a thin and narrow elf nose. I see the ears sit rounded as a humanís ears on a head of dirty blond hair with a single braided strand down the left side of my face. I dress simply to portray the outward appearance of humility in order to conceal my inner warrior from the enemy. Make no mistake though I have few pockets, I have many methods of combat upon my person. Finally, to complete my reflection, I always wear the Fire Rune around my neck that I inherited from my father.

Character History:
My life began in the midst of the volatile closing battles of the Dragon Wars. It is for this reason that my mother abandoned Tirían and her elven community to temporarily live away at a remote elven monastery while I was in the womb. My mother is Sara Adams, a half-elf half-human that rose to prominence as the High Priestess of Ollopa. I was named by my mother because the meaning of Seran is ďnew born starĒ in the elven language. My father is Ashanrai Exinoris, a full elven son of the Dragons that rose to prominence as the Cala of Tirían and the complicated figurehead of the elven people that came with the Cala title. My parentsí jobs during the Dragon Wars made it difficult for me to have a chance at survival if I moved to Korth with my parents. Instead, I remained at the elven monastery where I was born for several years.

At the elven monastery, I studied at the lectures of the many elf monks that dedicated their lives entirely to gods. Growing up as a young, vibrant boy in the elven monastery, I managed to let myself into several locked and hidden corridors. I had studied religious texts that have long been hidden from the elven public and found an incredible truth about the gods worshipped by elves. Since finding this truth, I personally and privately renounced my faith in the elven gods. I began to see and embrace the human side of my blood as special.

Humanity is the perfect final draft of species for the planet. The evolution of the races from elves to drows to dwarves and finally to humans, as elven scriptures indicate it happened, shows to me that humans are the type of being intended by nature. The other races lacked a crucial element: the Human Spirit. It is the Human Spirit that allows a human to excel beyond the boundaries of oneís own physical universe. Other races are limited only to moving within the boundaries of the universe they were created in, which is why they must look to gods to move beyond those boundaries. Humans are a special race of people that are often taken for granted because at first we seem so limited.

For this reason, I forsake my elven heritage and fully embrace my human spirit and all that can be. I make my home in the Prolix Empire to be with other humans and to teach my fellow men and women how to unlock the potential of their own Human Spirit. I accept the position as Admiral of the Prolix Navy to guard all of the Prolix Empire from the seas.
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Seran Adams
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