AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Newman Bury

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PostSubject: Newman Bury   Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:32 pm

Ahh hello there my friend, what brings ya here? Just wanting to know me? ...well I suppose so. The name is Newman Bury, but you can just call me Newman. Everyone else does *chuckles* Yes I am young as I look, 16 to be excat. I'm also the Chief of Economics for Dolf-Hloab, the lovely Queendom. *smiles* heh, and people also say i'm a very kind and caring person..unless..well if someone I know, or even love, gets hurt...or does something evil and hurts others, I tend to have a very dark side...Oh! My apologies though, didn't mean to scare ya there!

...Hmm? You wish to hear more? ..Well I am in a good mood and love chating with folks, but my story may seem boring or not to ya.

I was born and raised in the fine Queendom, my father James, a very caring and strong man who was the last general of Dolf-Hloab before retiring taught me many things that helped my life greatly. *smiles* My father was a big fan of magic saying it was crazy to learn it, but..hehe I was always known to be a bit crazy back then and I studied books of magic..GOOD magic though. After all that "light" reading i'm actually starting to cast spells now, but enough of gloating..back to my story hehe.

As I grew up I got to learn the art of the sword and bow, 2 fine weapon classes that will save your arse from the many, many challenges outside these walls. During the past 2 years I've been working in the mines to get ready to help Dolf-Hloab with the resources. I'm sadly also known to forget things now and then, and i'm also TERRFIED of spiders, and...dark palces.....*starts wimpering a bit* but...I really REALLY don't want to talk about that please...

Hmm...well that's about everything you can know about me *laughs* Hope you enjoyed my little tale of my life, and please drop by again if ya get the chance! *waves to you*
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Newman Bury
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