AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Antron Letronno

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PostSubject: Antron Letronno   Antron Letronno EmptyWed Jul 11, 2007 12:38 pm

Citizen Name:Antron

Character name:Antron Letronno,but he likes to be called tronno

Character Race:Half breed,drow father and an human mother,he gets his skills from his father

Character Approximate Age:23,looks younger

Character Apparel:dark silky soft hair,about 5'11',wears a lot of armor,and has a gold bow and gold arrows.

Brief Background:He came from a small village where there are half breeds,his father was a drow and he tought him mostly how to fight thats where he get his skills from and his charm from, cause his father used to be a ladies man but he decided to settle down.His mother was an human she tought him trade and love and compassion he loved his mother so much.But his father got into it with the wrong people then one night they came and killed his father and his mother.Feeling guilty of his parents death he sneaked on a ship,that ship was going to the land of korth.Once he got to korth he met a nice man named Spaceraider,spaceraider offered him a place to live and food,eventually he adopted Antron Letronno then he tought him everything about korth and he trained with him,and he tought him how to fish.

Character Allies:the people of aspreith,dolf hloab,t'ran,and pylos city.He also had formed a bond with Ryanlion the keeper of pagoda.
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Antron Letronno
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