AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 General Shokkus of Dolf-Hloab

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PostSubject: General Shokkus of Dolf-Hloab   Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:37 am

Citizen Name: Shokkus

Character Name: General Shokkus, never liked his last name much.

Character Race: Half breed, Human father and and Elf mother, though he gained most of his traits from his father.

Character Approximate Age: 24, give or take a few months.

Character Apparel: Light brown hair, about 5'11", wears his armor much like a Roman warrior would.

Brief Background: His parents, shunned by the humans and elves alike for their marriage, found a small village inhabited by half breeds far to the east. He grew up there, his father teaching him discipline and forcing him to do work for the other citizens, while his mother taught him compassion.
A few weeks after his 9th birthday, his mother disappeared, presumably to let herself die as is elven custom. After this his father grew depressed, and would hardly leave their home, instead sending Shokkus to earn money for the two of them. Years passed, and when Shokkus was 17 his father became suddenly enraged at him, telling him that it was Shokkus' fault that his mother left. A long argument ensued, and Shokkus ran off, leaving his father alone.
After finding a port city a few days later, Shokkus decided to find a job with a small supply ship that was going from port to port. For a few more years Shokkus stayed on the ship, until he was about 23, when he decided to make amends with his father.
He returned to his old village to find it in shambles, with only a few citizens still alive. The economy of the village had fallen apart, and many left. But Shokkus' father died there in his house, alone.
Blaming himself again for the death of his father, Shokkus sneaked onto a ship headed far away from the island he had lived on. That ship was headed for the land of Korth.

Character Allies: Currently the General of Dolf-Hloab, Shokkus sees all Dolf citizens as his allies. He has also formed a bond with RyanLion, the keeper of Pagoda.
One of Shokkus' bad traits is that, due to the compassion taught to him by his mother, he can be very trusting and very often believes that bad people can be redeemed through good actions.
He doesn't have a personal choice for any of the three Gods, but finds the thought of Ollopa to be pleasant, for he wishes to see the sun someday, and Ollopa represents that hope.
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General Shokkus of Dolf-Hloab
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