AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Empress Jennifer

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PostSubject: Empress Jennifer   Empress Jennifer EmptySat Oct 03, 2009 11:05 pm

It was a very stormy night, my mother and father just came to Korth. Not deciding for Prolix or Ti'ran, they just build a hut out of what they could find around them.Trees and leaves mostly. When i turned 3 , my parents decided to ask me what i thought. A silly mistake, trust you luck with a 3 year old.They asked me what name i thought sounded prettiest, Ti'ran or Prolix.

I thought, strange for a 3 year old, but i thought hard.The next day i awoke to two parents with hopeful eyes. I studied them for a moment before i realized they were waiting for ME! I decided i chose the letter closest to J. T or P? P got it as closest. I told i chose Prolix and they IMMIDEATLY jumped up and started packing everything. I fell asleep soon after that because of boredom. I woke up and i was in a toasty warm house. I got scared and wondered were i was. I got up and realized i was laying on SILK!

Wow. I went down the golden stair case and found my father reading a book, Empress Jennifer Icon_study , and my mother asleep Empress Jennifer Sleep . I went up to my dad and asked him were we were. His answer? Prolix. I was shocked. Did we actually listen to a 3 year olds advice? I almost passed out! Anyways, i got a pretty good education a child. Except in 3rd grade when a girl taunted me so much i left the school for the rest of the year. The years went by and it was my 9th birthday. The worts gift possible happened.

My mother died.

When my mother died, She told me to never give up! Which indeed i never did. When my father was old and grey, he was so easily killable it was scary. I stayed home most of the time to care for him. This didnt help much with our money problems. One day i was on a walk when i saw a 100 SP on the ground! I picked it up without really caring whose it belonged to. I knew this was wrong but when you have such money issues you dont stop to think.

I walked- no RAN - home exitedly! 100SP isnt much but its enough for a decent dinner! I opened the door and saw my father napping. Or at least i thought. I know i was already 16, but this was still horrible news! I sighed. No more parents left i thought. They are dead! I looked at the 100 SP and had an idea! I walked to the market. It was a cold day, but not cold enough for goosebumps.I picked up an apple and examined it. Not much but- its only dinner for one tonight, i thought. I tear escaped and i quickly wiped it away hoping nobody noticed. I bought a few apples and some fish and salt. I walked home with my sack. I got home a good 2 minutes later. I layed out my ingrediants and cooked. I failed a few times then i started to get some food out of it. I ate silently. My parents are gone and i have to accept that-embrace it even.

The next morning i went for a walk! I realized i could now get a job since i have nobody to care for! Then i grew sad again. Nobody. It echoed in my head OVER and OVER again. I was sitting by a tree when a dark figure came near me. I couldnt fight. Im just a week person! It floated closer and i stared intently trying to figure out who it was. It spoke in a deep husky voice. "There is no Empress anymore, you are now 21 and eligibal to have a job." I , confused with this information, said "Yes, so?" It floated near me touched my fore head and next thing i knew i was in a castle! FULL OF MONEY!

Ive been on vacation for about a week, when i came back there was a new ruler!! I was VERY upset! I ran away and didnt come back for about a year! I was utterly bored one evening and decided i would visit. When i came there was NO empress or emporor! I got my job back and now im here today! The loving empress you've all grown to love. Go Prolix! Live on forever!

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Empress Jennifer
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