AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 June 25th Bot Update

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PostSubject: June 25th Bot Update   Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:44 pm

One of the "lesser" features released was now you will get an increased EXP from hunting

Also.. I added a new command to allow you to view just your items.. just type /i or /items or /inv to see it

And the more noticeable feature released... brand new HUD

Features of New HUD
  • Maintained old health bars
  • Added stats display "drop down menu" to view all your skill levels, weapon, armor, shield, nation
  • Added a /home and a /meeting teleport right in the stats display.... you just have to click the appropriate marked spot for each one
  • Added inventory stats display "drop down menu" .. this one is at its very basic level right now. Right now.. it's got a fishing rod, pickaxe, sickle, and brew pot as built-in functional items to allow to perform the various actitivites with a simple click. There's also a globe in the inventory, which brings up the entire WORLD MAP. Yes you heard me.. we now have a map hud.. you can teleport to various locations just by clicking on the stars on the map.. Next to the globe is a wand that brings up a basic display of certain spells you can perform

Garrick Caranthir Felagund of the Icepanther
Ranul's King of War
Caliph of the Underworld & the Cult of Ranul
Father to Slysoft & Multilex
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June 25th Bot Update
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