AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Queen Alyx Padfoot Coreu

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PostSubject: Queen Alyx Padfoot Coreu   Queen Alyx Padfoot Coreu EmptyTue Jul 03, 2007 1:54 pm

*Citizen Name: .Padfoot

*Character Name: Alyx "Padfoot" Coreu

*Character Race: Descended from a half Nereid half Elf and a 3 quarters Satyr, one quarter centaur.

37.5% Satyr
12.5% Centaur

*Character Approximate Age: Around 19

*Character Apparel: Tall and lean with a tan complexion. Has the sharp, defined features of an elf. Inherited the tightly curled light hair of the Centaur, but nothing else (thank goodness!). Usually wears a simple, light dress, she is much more concerned with travel speed than looks.

*Brief Background:
Padfoot Left behind her town after it was sieged, from within its own walls, by a traitorous man called Redan the Fearful. He built an army over time of people who believed in the segregation of races- and the killing of those who were not pure. He murdered the Royal Family and forced the rest of the people to live in fear, to betray their own friends' heritages. It was only days after he took over that the unjust execution of Padfoot's older brother took place after he made a brash speech about embracing your background, no matter how mixed. Her only family dead, Alyx escaped from her home minutes before they started looking for. She heard the alarm bells ringing; for the first time they were calling for an attack against one of their own. This was not the home she once knew.
She traveled all over the lands and finally stumbled upon Korth. She fell in love with the city of Dolf Hloab and became queen. Within the city she found peace with her past through the message she had been looking to spread- Different races, one family, one home.

*Character Allies:
Tries to spread out her alliances throughout the land. Shares an odd hate/kill/kind of friendly relationship with the people of Pylos, especially the royal family. Is best friends with RyanLion, one of the only people she is herself around, and usually spends her time traveling with him and doing all kinds of stupid stuff.

Who and/or what does your character ally him/herself with, if anyone? Include what town, deity, maybe a family clan?
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Queen Alyx Padfoot Coreu
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