AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Sara Adams's story

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Sara Adams

Sara Adams

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Persona Record
Char Name: Sara Adams
Char Race: Part Elf/Part Human
Char Allies: Sun Goddess Ollopa

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PostSubject: Sara Adams's story   Sara Adams's story EmptySat May 16, 2009 4:58 pm

When i was a young half blood (Elven and human) My mother, father and I lived in a seaside cottage west off the shores of tiran, i was very young and my father was teaching me how to fish for survival, we lived off the land you see, and were strong followers of the sun goddess. The skies turnt dark and winds began to swirl, a dark character arrived at our door, i was thrown into my home with no escape, when the skies returned and all was still, i came out to find my parents dead on the floor. i managed to move them into our family tomb and i see them everyday. I was timid and very alone, i stayed that way, i learnt to live off the lands but not much interaction with others, friends fount me fishing off of my port and i was soon to discover than the one whome i loved dearest betrayed me, i then became alone again, and now my friends are gone. so excuse the not so friendly woman you see infront of you as i am still learning what to do.
Thank you!
I have learnt the ways in which elven people behave and believe, if you had asked me 50 years ago if this was possible i was more ignorant and happy to say 'No!'
Ollopa came to me and with her she brought a Hyperborean Scepter she entrusted me to become her Priestess which i am more than happy to help.
The Cala Ashanrai, although i used to think was scary and sometimes too strict, became very generous and helpped the love of Ollopa flourish over the lands, what was once called Tiran and Aspreith is not one great country, the elven country, i rule side by side with Ashanrai.
Although i saw so much in Ashanrai i did not know what was to become of me,
We fell in love,

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Sara Adams's story
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