AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Part of who I am and from where i come

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PostSubject: Part of who I am and from where i come   Wed May 13, 2009 3:36 pm

cit name is Kaldar

my character name is Kaldar Maaren

my race Dark Elf

my age: Old as i should be for a Dark Elf of my age and no more.

You see a dark figure all cloaked and hooded. His His eyes seem to geeem as they look out from his hood. His clothes are dirty beyond cleaning. He moves with a slow measured pass eyes darting here and there learning studying and growing in knolage..
a slight oder of sulfer and decay seems to follow him as he passes you.

I was born in the depts of the earth. abandoned at birth to fend for myself as was the custom. I ahve little memory of my early years. most of my life befour comming to Korth was spent in study I had and have a extreen inquisitive nature. between that and serviving was my life. Till the voice was heard speaking to me. A voice calling me to a far place. Calling me to serve him Calling me to my destiny. So here I am again Learning and embarking on the service of the Great God Ranul

First and Formost my alegience lies with Ranul. It was him who Called me here. Secondly Allthow I have not much incomune with the elves of this land i feel some kindread feelings for them . I am like them in my mistrust of the humans.
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Part of who I am and from where i come
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