AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Race: Kept secret only rumors flow that it is from an unknown land to those of Korth.

Age ahhh young at heart but much older then those born of the Korth nations

Always with a kind heart and word.....Never to be mistaken as weakness

Romes the lands of Korth as a drifter/settler rides her steed Areion (Curtsy to Garrick Wink )

Prior to entering Korth there is a man that space, nor time, nor distance can ever separate there love. He may never step foot in the land of Korth but that shall never keep these 2 hearts appart. These two hearts breath and walk as one.... Not even death shall come between them

She holds all in her heart no matter what nation, since none know of where she came nor would they understand, she tries to spread kindness to those she meets, judges none unless judged. Or shows her actions that go against her belifes of what is right. Lives by what feels right in her heart. Stands strong in her beliefs. Has taken the hospitality of Kenny69 where he has given her a safe heaven to rest her head and a home for her trusted steed Areion. Areion is not just a normal steed.....He watches over her and aids in all accomplishments with his speed, and compensates for her lack of direction (east, south north and west lol ).

There are 2 who have shown her compete kindness, and understanding:allowing her to be with out judgment, and where she has seen them only fight in order to defend. Kenny69 and vvSilverShadowvv.
Blessed to be able to call them Friends (curtsy) sunny
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