AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Persona Record
Char Name: Attasha
Char Race: Elf
Char Allies: Tir'an

PostSubject: Attasha   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:57 pm

Citizen Name: Attasha
Character Name: Attasha [last name is unknown for the time being]
Character Race: Was an elf, transformed into a human.
Character Approximate Age: 13, but looks about 20.
Character Apparel: Usually seen in a flowing midnight-blue dress with a golden belt that comes down in a v shape with small inlaid sapphires. Also wears a sapphire necklace. Sometimes she can be spotted in a green dress with small emeralds and an emerald necklace, or a light-colored dress with a crown of flowers, wearing her hair in a long braid. Also has dark blue eyes, fair skin, and black waist-length hair.
Brief Background: Attasha was born somewhere in Korth in a far away province of the Prolix Union. She was raised by a maiden, but saw her mother often enough that she had a very special bond with her. At the age of five years old, she lived with her mother and their bond became stronger. They were inseparable, and Attasha was taught by her mother, though she preferred to spend hours alone just reading and teaching herself. At the age of 10, she was taken out of Korth and her and her mother lived in a remote area. Just two years later, she was brought back to Korth and then a month later her mother died, and she was devastated. Eventually she moves on, and she managed to find her way back to the mainlands of Korth just after her thirteenth birthday. She lived in Tir'an with Ashanrai for a few months after her return, and became engaged to King Xandrake. The situation caused some conflicts, though Ashanrai unexpectedly married them and she was therefore transformed into a human to validate the marriage. She lived in Prolix with Xandrake as his queen and Prolix Abassador to Tir'an for a short while before a fight ensued and the couple became corrupted. She was banished from Prolix and she now remains a wanderer, roaming from place to place with no one to turn to and no place to call home.
Character Allies: None
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