AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Asora's bio (detailed version)

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Char Name: Asora Xino Exinoris
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PostSubject: Asora's bio (detailed version)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:13 am

Early age

I was born into this world a baby white dragon. my mother named me Asora witch meens "the sky" in a ancient unknown language of dragons. after i was hatched i was taken care of by my mother and 2 elves that would watch my progress as a baby for unknown reasins... not to long after i was hatched gala had requested that my mother take me to a cave that i barely remember when my mother and me got there there was a huge extinct valcona leading into a wierd glowing cave and the walls of the cave were lind completely with pure crystals and my mother brought me deaper into the cave where she told me to walk on top of a wierd dragon rune carved into to cave floor about a minute later i fainted and woke up on a ledge on the outside of the valcano and thats when i began to notice i was diffrent... i wasnt a dragon any more but i was a baby elve and i could nolonger speak in dragon tong... and so i lade there for a day waiting for somthing...


later on the second day of crawling on the ledge and eating nothing but the pronged barries that had fallen of a huge tree on the side of me a exploring elf had taken me in to a camp not to far away and it seemed to be somewhere nere edan.


not alout of people liked the idea of a local bringing in a strange baby and alout of the locals began to hate me and the man but i was rased in that small camp until about the age of five when i blew my first flame after being turned into an elf... the towns folk thought i was some sort of demonic elf and forced me into the cold mountain range alone and cold... and i started to get weak of hunger when i collapsed of weakness and fell in the snow... 4 hours later later i woke up by a camp fire.

helping hand

the man who had cared for me in the camp had also been forced out and had found me in the snow and brough me to a warm area far away from edan and the camp it was sandy here and you could barely see edan's peak not to long later some elves had came to our side to help us and they gave us a small home to live in on the out skirts of our new nation... tir'an

the locals

in this nation we were treated with respect although my abilitys were kept secret and we then lived there until i was nine when the man had gone missing and i was homless and sad once again for about a year the locals would give me a helping hand every few days... and at the age of ten and a half i met prince valuk..

More to come

thanks for reading!
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Asora's bio (detailed version)
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