AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Persona Record
Char Name: Hunter
Char Race: Part Elf/Part Human
Char Allies: Tir'an

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*Citizen Name:

*Character Name:

*Character Race:
25% Werewolf, 70% Elf, 5% Human

*Character Approximate Age:
Somewhere between 35 and 60...

*Character Apparel:
Hunter can almost never been seen without either his trusty spirit blade or volcanic sword, though it is usually both. He is tall (around 6 feet, 2 inches) with a skinny build. His hair is sea green, eyes a sky blue, skin a tanned tone.

*Character Allies:
The Holy Republic of Tir'an, Night Got Torrix



I am Hunter, proud elf of Tir'an. I was born a human, and through many non-understandable events I became an elf, almost completely wiping out all traces of human. At the age of 5 I was abandoned, left to wander. In my journeys I came upon a seemingly nice old man. He offered to help me and I accepted. In the mid of night to grew hair all over his body and bit me. Before I knew it I had become half elf, half werewolf, and slightly human. The extreme mixture of species cause the 5 year old me to go insane. At the end of that first night as a lycan I collapsed, then somehow when I regained conciousness the person who I would soon find to be my brother, Father., was caring for me.
He brought me to the town where my father, Adam, ruled. North of Tir'an, in the charred lands.
As I slowly learned to fight and other things that I had missed out on in my wanderings I relized where I belonged and so I packed my bags to move to Tir'an, the only true thing I have of that time is my skill with swords.
Later, I became very into elven culture, and was a firned with nearly every citizen, I was voted into chancellorship for around a month...


Then, at the very end of my chancellorship things where going very well, I had nearly mastered my werewolf half and was still good friends with my brother. But one night, at the door of my tavern appeared a fellow named Messiah... He burnt the place to the place to the ground and tricked me into nearly betraying my fellow elves.
After that very few people in the elven nation trusted me... My last hope of connections to a good life, Father., had gone crazy, and then... I blacked out.


I barely remember anything after that, besides creepy beings, of an unknown race "experimenting on me" Then one day I fell from the sky, with great understanding of spirit I attempted flight, a trick I had always known how to do but I failed. I plunged into the waters nearly fainting before people of a different world found me...


An elf named Lord Jose came at first to my rescue, then Valuk swooped in on a mount I never thought I'd see someone ride: A dragon. Of course, now Valuk is named Ashanrai so I should write that from now on as well. Seeing the dragon I thought that nothing must have hurt Tir'an while I was gone, but I was wrong...
My brother, now fleeing to an unknown place, had attacked with his red dragons, he light fire to the city... I will never forgive my self for not being there for my nation...


Now I sit in a remodeled home writing this, all that has happened I still remember, I can still fight with the sword, fly with my spirit so it is almost like nothing happened. Yes, I still want to know what those being where and what they were doing... But that will have to wait.

Thank you for reading,


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