AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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PostSubject: Treaty   Treaty EmptyWed Oct 01, 2008 7:23 pm

Valuk: The balance of power has changed recently
Valuk: The Messiah/Haissem problem seems to be gone as well as the Garrick cult issue
Cernunos: yes
Valuk: And Tir'an is now under a new, more functional system of democratic government
Valuk: Edan and L'Obsul both have new leaders
Valuk: I don't think it is fair for this "New Order" if you will to inherit the mistakes of the past
Valuk: The debts to Tir'an that King Father accumulated, the banishments, everything
Valuk: I'd like here to initiate a firm alliance treaty between us
Valuk: We can dub this the "Campfire Alliance" between our nations
Cernunos: alright, I would agree to that
Valuk: The first article of the alliance is of course the "Blank Slate Agreement" .. which removes all debts, grievances, sins, etc
Valuk: Everyone starts out clean with each other
Cernunos: **listens**nodding
Valuk: Is this agreed by both of ye?
Cernunos: yes
xxQueenOnyx.: Yes.
Valuk: The second article would be an agreement to not side with an ally's enemy
Valuk: While it doesn't force someone to participate in a war if its people dont want it
Valuk: Essentially doesn't force us into a war if we don't want, but we still remain connected on the same side
Cernunos: I understand
Valuk: The third article calls for the Prolix Mart, or a business of similar nature.. that is in the Don benerel merchant city
Valuk: But sells goods from Prolix
Cernunos: and vice versa
Valuk: Tir'an wouldn't need it the other way around
Valuk: This is just to ensure that newcomers get a fair share to experience both kinds of goods near the GZ
Cernunos: alright
Valuk: Onyx, this is in agreement?
xxQueenOnyx.: Yes.
Valuk: The fourth article should call for a Freedom of Beliefs, that is that people do not kill or oppress another for their beliefs whether in your beliefs in the Human Spoirit.. or in Torrix
Cernunos: I agree, to do so would be wrong
xxQueenOnyx.: *nods*
Valuk: And the fifth article I have calls for an embassy of the other nation/province in each nation/province
Valuk: For example, Edan would have a 4 x 4 parsel of land in Tir'an for an embassy where Cernunos has full authority
Cernunos: thats acceptable
Valuk: 4 x 4 would be the standard number of cells maximum
Valuk: So it doesn't get too big, but also isn't so small that it's insignificant
Cernunos: plenty of space here for that
Valuk: Onyx, is this in agreement?
xxQueenOnyx.: Yes, it is.
Valuk: Now do either of you have any provisions to add?
Valuk: I tried to stay away from things like a joint military and a joint economy to protect our individual sovereignties
Cernunos: Perhaps just so all nations know that edan is a nature preserve Animals cannot be hunted here, but the trees can
Cernunos: but otherwise the treaty is good with me
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PostSubject: Re: Treaty   Treaty EmptyThu Oct 02, 2008 3:53 pm

Basic points of the "Campfire Alliance"

-Blank Slate Agreement to forgive all debts, grievances, sins, etc

-No siding with the enemy of a fellow ally

-A "Prolix Mart", business operated by the Prolix Union within the Don Benerel city so newcomers are exposed to both Tir'anian and Prolixian merchandise

-Freedom of Beliefs, that is that people do not kill or oppress another for their beliefs whether in your beliefs in the Human Spoirit.. or in Torrix

-Embassy for each ally in each nation, 4 cells x 4 cells allotment
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