AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 John Solaern

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PostSubject: John Solaern   Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:27 am

Citizen Name:

Mr. John Solaern

Character Name:

Joh'nas "John" Solaern

Character Race:

Pure Elven

Character Approximate Age:

92 years old

Character Apparel:

John wears a cloak of gold and blue fabric. He has blue gauntlets on his wrists
and wears a leather pant with gold trimmings. He carries an oak staff topped with special gem, made of a special type of mineral that supposedly enhances the wearers magical ability. His father called this Gem "The Slavethorn Gem"

Brief Background:

Currently the Speaker of the Assembly of Tir`an. His father is Duke Domitius Solaern ,the Constible of Tir`an. He remembers very little of his childhood, but knows the relic that was given to him , the "Slavethorn Gem" has the ability to amplify magical powers and has something to do with his lineage.
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John Solaern
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