AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 More Detailed History Of Godzilla

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PostSubject: More Detailed History Of Godzilla   More Detailed History Of Godzilla EmptySun Aug 31, 2008 4:30 pm

When I was a meer child I grew up in the town of Lumbridge at the time the great war of Agsaria had just ended and many people I knew had died, however my mother helped me through it, when I was born my mother thought I was just an average human however as I grew up I grew taller and stronger than the other children and suddenly I awoke one morning to find instead of me having skin it was replaced with volcanic rock and I had horns on my head. Scared I would be rejected by my people I ran into the wilderness and hid but then I stumbled upon a cave with a symbol engraved into the wall I don't know why but I seemed to know what it meant: Korth. I entered the cave and found myself falling from the sky. I landed in Korth and have been a powerless Human ever since, my guess is that the void drained my powers from me. I currently have found accomadation near the Gold, Copper and Iron mines, it's not much but its home. I have a few friends for example Lastria and Messiah and Onyx but not many.

My life in Lumbridge was going particularly well untill the day I stumbled upon a book named The Forgotten Gods. I looked at the contents; Varosia the Wise, Gutanoth the Mighty and Zarros the Tainted. I knew that name somehow, Zarros. I knew where I had to go, The Chaos Temple where all evil Gods are worshipped. I entered the temple when suddenly he appeared, evil truned flesh, Zarros. I'll never forget those words............And they shall never be told.

The Wilderness
In the wilderness I had many close calls, I was nearly killed by dragons, obliterated by Zammorakian warriors and I was nearly overcome by the dark, but other than that I just hunted for food and took shelter in caves that I find.

Closer To The Present
I have encountered Zarros many times in Korth and at one time he approached me, I attempted to move but I couldn't and he showed me the future, the future of Korth, I shall never let that vision come true........

The Present
I am currently living in a small home near the Gold, Copper and Iron mines and I have a few friends but amount doesn't matter, my friends are Lastria, Messiah, Onyx and Valuk.
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More Detailed History Of Godzilla
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