AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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PostSubject: SadistiXSorcerer   Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:00 pm

Citizen Name: SadisticSorcerer
Character Name: High Priest Dalexan Sol
Character Race: Elven
Character Approximate Age: Extremely old, but looks can not tell the truth
Character Apparel: A snow colored robe, pure white hair and eyes, and a large white staff with a golden top.
Brief Background:

SadisticSorcerer is very mysterious and has not been seen in nearly 1,000 years. He was first seen by dwarves, riding on horseback at a breakneck speed. No one knew where he was going, as a matter of fact, he didn't know where he was going either. Eventually SadisticSorcerer stumbled upon a wise old man with a blood-red cane. The wise man was an old sage. He invited SadisticSorcerer to have tea and some bread and SadisticSorcerer did. Eventually, once they knew eachother the old man offered SadisticSorcerer some sorcerery lessons. He agreed and they begun. He learned how to set ablaze any object of his choice, unflammable or not. Once, on accident he had set a cabin on fire, there were no survivors. After his accident the sage banned him from the premises for a long period of time. Sadistic was homeless and hungry for many months, when eventually he was starved almost to death. He curled up in pain on the ground, his lungs sucking to his chest, that's when he heard it... The elven cry for help. He looked up to see an elven village being horrified by a 10 foot tall wolf. He shakily stood and lifted a finger to set it ablaze. He succeeded and the elves took him in after a brief ceremony in his honor. They gave him food and shelter for many years, but eventually... Something no one had even known, the village was destroyed by what seemingly was an accidental forest fire. He was once more homeless but eventually saw a stumbling man in a robe. He carefully approached to find that it was the sage that had taught him so much. The sage was wide-eyed at the sight of the powerful sorcerer. He once more took him in and taught him like no one had been taught before. He learned to shift the weather to his liking, and could bring a lightning bolt to strike down anyone who could oppose him. At the end of his vigorous training, he could set ablaze a home in a matter of seconds (with his eyes closed). With all that power, he decided to help his Elven allies with the chaos that surrounded them. He went to war with Prolix City but he saw that he could not set a single thing in the city on fire. They were using some sort of special material for their buildings... So in the war they ultimately failed due to the death of King Aecus. SadisticSorcerer took some elves in and they built a village called Aspreith, the exact same place as the burnt village was, he created what was left into a beautiful village. He is currently moving Aspreith to a nearby island where it will remain for the rest of eternity.

As Elves die when they know it is their time, Sadistic's is far from his time, he has vowed to end the chaos by his blade and unmatched sorcerery skills. He governs the Elven Village of Aspreith.
His allies?
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