AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Lastria, the Vampire

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Lastria (the real one)

Lastria (the real one)

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Char Name: Lastria Quesacotyl
Char Race: Vampire
Char Allies: Moon God Ranul

Lastria, the Vampire Empty
PostSubject: Lastria, the Vampire   Lastria, the Vampire EmptySun Aug 17, 2008 10:44 am

I am the Daughter of the Queen and King of Azharan. My mother is a vampire, but my father was mortal. I too am a vampire, but I can walk in sunlight. My people were Elves, but the Humans here are our alter egos, so to speak. The Elves of Kroth are the Alter Egos of the humans from my land. I was warned of Dimensional Rips when I set out on my travels. I passed through one and ended up in Kroth. The Rip has long been closed, but I will unite my land with Kroth, and we will Reign! I alone Posess the Ring of Pales, the symbol of the leader of Vampires. I live in Kroth to, well, I cannot tell you the reason I live here, except that its nothing good, the reason I'm here.
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Lastria, the Vampire
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