AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Citezen Name-
Is not a citezen

Character's Full Name-
Dred Yuitza

Character's Race-

Character's Age-

Character's Background-
Well i dont know where i was born but i know where i am. My parents commited suicide when i was 4 i cant remember where. So i walked for days when i finally reached 6 and set off to find a city with no bad memorys. Then this nice man found me wondoring around. I think he said "Boy what are you doing out here i told all citezens to return safely to your hometown!" Then i told him my story and he took me in turns out his name was Father. Well i have grown up to age 37 now and living great with my fiance Voice Sea.

-This is my journey!
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Sir Dred
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