AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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PostSubject: Pharos   Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:14 pm

Citizen Name: Pharos

Character Name: Pharos (the name given to him by his creator.)

Character Race: Living statue. Formed of the cleanest marble cut to man, clothed in the finest silk from all edges of the world, and infused with a soul beyond the most evil in all of Tartarus.

Character Approximate Age: Appears to be in his mid 20s. Somewhat young looking. Actually formed about 7 years ago.

Character Apparel: A silk white toga draped across his pearly, smooth skin. Slight color cracks of brownish black in asymmetrical lines covering his body. Smooth white hair, slicked back, looking almost stonelike. The most color on him is his eyes, both solid jet black, with not the slightest amount of light escaping them. He is lean and muscular, with a large wound over his heart.

Brief Background: Though there are only few religions in Korth, there are many other worlds beyond the oceans. One such particular was a small island known as Loa Mois. It was a bit bigger than Korth - only maybe by a few extra beaches - and covered in plateau that jutted into the sky, blocking even the brightest of the suns rays. Atop the plateau was the city of Mehkala, renowned for its many artisans who worked in the marble of the plateaus. Statues of kings and godkings from ages past, and, it is said, from ages yet seen by the inhabitants adorned every ivory-colored street and bridge. The houses and buildings were carved into perfect engravings telling stories of heroes and demons; saints and sinners.

Under the shadow of the Plateaus lived nothing. No creatures, no flora, only the shadows. They moved, they danced with each passing day, and none would dare go near them. They said that the shadows were not normal - that they were alive in their own.

This is at least what the Mammon Cult believed. The only few from Mehkala willing to travel into the darkness below their pristine city, they kept their identities secret, even from each other. Save their leader, Aleistor Gnosis. He was considered, even above the other master sculptors of the city, a genius. His works adorned each and every room of the palace of the king of Mehkala.

The Mammon Cult wished to understand and live alongside the shadows, but their leader wished for more. He wished to fuse both human and shadow together to make the perfect being.

For months Gnosis locked himself in his workroom, opening the door only for his servants to bring him the finest slabs of marble to work with. It did not even seem that he ate. For 9 long month he worked, without a soul seeing him. Then, suddenly, he ascended to the city above him, to show off his greatest work ever.

The perfect man, with only one flaw. It was not alive. Everything, down to the veins in the hand of the statue were carved with the utmost care. The people of Mehkala fell in love with the statue, crying for it to be placed in the center square of the city for all to enjoy, but Gnosis only scoffed at them, telling them that he had other plans for it.

Four nights later, the marble city was ablaze. The cultists had set fire to everything, murdered every person, left the city for dead. Atop the burning palace stood Gnosis, along with 12 of the young women of the city. Cutting the throats of each of them, he muttered strange archaic words into the air, finally taking the dagger, now covered in the blood of the 12 women, and plunged it into the heart of the statue. Suddenly the statue breathed life. Gnosis spoke only a few words to the now-perfect man: "You are Pharos," before Pharos took the dagger and ripped into Gnosis' chest, killing him.

Pharos found his way to the beach of the now charred island of Loa Mois. A lone boat rested at the dock. Pharos pushed it away, jumped in, and sat. He sat and thought of what could only be described as pure evil. The perfect man, with nothing but malice in his heart, born of malice and destruction. He sat and thought of destruction for 7 long years at sea, not another soul passing him, until finally, he snapped away from his chain of thought. He landed in a small area next to some trees, looking around, he saw no life, except another boat near his. Looking closely, a man was tying the boat to a stake in the ground.

"What are you doing?" He asked the man.
"Hmm? Who are you?" The man asked back.
"..Pharos." He told him.
"Ah, well, my name's Shokkus, and I'm trying to get my boat docked here."
"...Shokkus. What is this?"
"This? Well... This is Korth." Shokkus responded.
"I see." Pharos began to laugh.
"Hmph. Not even back for an hour and I meet a new weirdo. What're you laughing about, sir Pharos?" Shokkus asked.
"I'm laughing... Because I am picturing this island covered in the ash of every tree upon it, every sign of life destroyed."

Shokkus drew a sword.

"I don't think you should come here, then. I'm Shokkus, General of Dolf Hloab!" Shokkus yelled, charging at Pharos.

Before Shokkus could strike, Pharos grabbed Shokkus' throat, a solid grip.

"You will die for your ambition, sir. But you will become a part of me, to make me even more... perfect." Pharos smiled as he spoke those words. Shokkus slumped to the ground, lifeless.

Pharos stared into the horizon, looking at the nearby cities, wondering which he should destroy first...

Character Allies: None.
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