AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Father, and his Family's background

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PostSubject: Father, and his Family's background   Tue May 27, 2008 7:35 pm

Prince Of L'Obsul

*Citizen Name:


*Character Name:


*Character Race:


*Character Approximate Age:


*Character Apparel:

My apparel may change time to time. For you shall see why if you read my background. I am normally in the form of a red mage. I have blue eyes, and my hair is a light black color with the edges of a light gray, white. I am not to tall, and I am also an average weight. I am also sometimes in the form of a saber tooth tiger. It is my symbol of old age.

*Long History:

Some history may be a bit off because the poisoned messed up my mind.

I was born in the loving arms of my Father, Adam. My mother I don't know very well, so I cannot tell you much about her. I was shown the ways of the mage by my Father. I soon was interested in books and learned how to read at a very young age. I was soon trying to make new things, crazy things. As time went on I be came a great mage, soon I was casting major spells. I then realized my mom was having another baby, and then when it was born, it came to our eyes that they were twins! Then all I remember is that my mom left with the twins, and my Father had to raise me. We traveled to the land of Korth, to the town of Prolix, I was kept in secret. I then tried to create a very powerful spell, and the result ended in a disaster, I got a disease called metamorphis. This allows me to change into anything I want too. There is a side effect though, I sometimes become poisoned though the mind. My Father quickly made me medican, but in result I forgot some of my childhood. Then shortly after that, the dragons started to have a war. One of the dragons laid her eggs near a place called pylos, I was the first one on the sight. Then there were other people I hadn't met before, I was trying to get a many eggs as possible to pylos and prolix, cause I had grown to trust them. Prolix had tried to get two healthy eggs, while pylos has gotten a burnt one. Once the eggs had hatch, I was in action trying to take care of a baby called Scylla, but no one would let me. SO I TOOK HER. I was told to hand the baby over, and suddenly my medican wore off, and my mind told me to kill the dragon and eat her! I luckly didn't eat her, but my house was destroyed. I don't remember much, though I do recall being sucked into a protal of time casted by Garrick. I soon came back, finding out prolix had been destoryed, and that all was ruled by Pylos Empire. The valley then flooded, I was on a mountain side, with a bunch of my enemys. Dragons were soaring the skys once again, one of my enemys pushed me off, and at the time I couldn't swim. Then suddenly Scylla fully grown, saved me! I know she loves me, and that I am sorry for what I did. Later on in my life, I met backup with my Father, and we started a small town called L'Obsul. I was defending the town as much as I could, I was low on money so I fished for it. Soon our town had many residents, and my brother Woolfie has found us. He told us that our mother was hung, and that Wolfie's Twin Hunter had disappeared around the exact same time. I went searching for Hunter, and with my good navigation skills, I found him. He was living in a small shack with a boat and is still living there. I came back to my home of L'Obsul, and asked Hunter what happened. He kept saying he was scared, and never told us. I later found out that my brother Hunter had been bitten by a werewolf. We have spells to keep him at bay though, so he shall be fine. Currently my Father trusts me to guide Hunter, and I am. While my Father teaches Wolfie, since Wolfie already knows how to fight. I hope to become a master mage and inventor. I am also working on a fishing rod that allows you to get 10 fish at once, and has a special spell that makes it so sharks back away. I am gathering money to make this rod, but it will be a lot of hard work before I make it. I also started writing books, I hope you may read one in L'Obsuls library.

*Character Allies:

I follow my path, as you do yours. Be kind to me and I'll be kind to you. Attack the helpless, I shall defend them. Attack the mighty and I shall help you on your feet. I will not murder inless self defense.
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Father, and his Family's background
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