AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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PostSubject: Ladychat   Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:56 am

My parents were High Priestess Leta and High Priest Abaris, both dedicated to Ollopa in their respective eras.There story is theres for I do not know how they came together. I was but 1 year when my mother was killed by drows.
I do not remember my mother very much, but my father spoke of her fondly and I could sence he loved her dearly...

My father raised me along with a nanny. He managed well enough.
He was very busy most of the time, but he always managed to spend time with his daughter.

He was a great man, not just a wonderful father, but a great leader and very wise. He taught me many things, patients, compassion, and respect for all things...

He worked hard to bring peace and stability to the kingdoms. I think he served the people well and was well liked by most.

I decided I wanted to become a priestess and serve just like him...perhaps we could work together... but that thought would be short lived...

Not long after I went away to school my father was killed by an unknown force along with many other high born of the kingdom...

I decided to stay at school and complete my studies and become Priestess and continue my fathers work. It would be what he would of wanted me to do.

I am High Priestess of Asperith. Without a city to rule... Asperith has fallen to distruction and my people have been murdered or captured and forced into slavery!

I must rebuild Asperith and bring my people home! It is what my father would of done, it is what I will do!

If it is the Sun Goddess Ollopa's will, we will begin again!
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