AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Yuan Odets

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Yuan Odets

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*Citizen Name:


*Character Name:

Yuan Odets

*Character Race:

Coran, a reptillian race from the Cora continent of an un-named planet in another dimension ((You as a character will probably never know that, though))

*Character Approximate Age:

It's hard to tell with non-humans, but by the size of his body, he would seem in his late teens.

*Character Apparel:

A simple, loose-fitting suit comprising of dark-grey pants and shirt, and a wide white sash tied tight around his waist to keep his clothes from flapping around too much. He has a bald head, if you don't count the scales and the long dorsal-fin that starts just above his forehead and travels about halfway down the back of his head. He wears a jackal mask to conceal his reptillian appearance.

*Brief Background:

He came from Cora a continent on an unnamed planet roughly twice the size of earth, through a series of strange events that lead him through a wormhole-like link to this world. What his life was in Cora means nothing to anyone in this world.

*Character Allies:

He knows almost nothing of this world, so has next to no acquaintances and absolutely zero true allies here.
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Yuan Odets
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