AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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Persona Record
Char Name: Royal Prince Multilex Asquale Felagund of Darkness
Char Race: Drow
Char Allies: Moon God Ranul

PostSubject: Multilex   Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:19 am

*Citizen Name:


*Character Name:

Royal Prince Multilex Asquale Felagund of Darkness

*Character Race:

60% Drow and 40% Human.

*Character Approximate Age:

Is 30 years old, but looks like 20.

*Character Apparel:

Muscular, armored, and someone that can defend his self.

*Brief Background:

My mother Sorceress Hestia of the Icepanther, gave birth in the underwrold, under the statue of Ranul, near the Crystal of Life. A miracle of Ranul's power in the underworld, since life in the Underworld is impossible.

*Character Allies:

Hates his brother Slysoft, as he does so. One of the reasons is the throne of Pylos, and the axiom.
Citizen of Pylos, faithful to Ranul.
He belongs to the Ranul Clan of the dwarven kingdom of the Dioscuri and the Enad Dynasty of Pylos, by blood.
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