AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 World Meeting Session 12/16

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PostSubject: World Meeting Session 12/16   Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:52 am

Brief Overview of the Main Storyline

After the fall of Prolix City and Tir'an, there were three cities left: Dolf-Hloab, Aspreith and Pylos. Slowly, it became clear that the ore resources in Dolf-Hloab and fish population in Aspreith waters were decreasing. So with decreasing resources in the area, people seem to have sought for a new, busier life elsewhere. With the lack of an active guard in these two cities, the Chambers of Elghinn knew we had to make a strong action to prevent the fall of Korth. Our great dragoness Leviathan was sent out with a few Hell's Disciples to conquer Dolf-Hloab and Aspreith. She was largely successful and brought back any "survivors" to the volcanic lands here so Korth may continue as one gloriously united nation, the Pylosian Empire. This is where we are now.. the entire land at last unified under one common law. This is where we are now.. the entire land at last unified under one common law. You may opt to join a pre-existing subsidary village/township, or start a new one with your friends. If any other civilizations wish to rise, they will do so slowly.. first using Pylosian wealth to build themselves up.. eventually, if we like you enough, ypou may petition for independence.

Issue #1: Public Movers

You may have a horse or whatever you want so you don't have to slowly run everywhere. This is a revised, very simple system. Ask politely and of course not when I or Shokkus appear busy, and you shall receive. Shokkus says he will be on more.. if I am not around, consider him your "go-to" person for help or questions with world development. The only kind of mover I won't accept is a dragon.. so be sensible when you ask. Don't ask like "Like OMG can i have an uber big submarine that shoots mondo big dragons as bullets?" I'd prefer something like, "I live in x village at x coordinates, can I have a white spotted brown horse parked at my house?" or something polite and sensible to that effect.

Issue #2: The University of Korth

It will have a School of Myths, which will primarily focus on helping newcomers; An Institute of the Sciences, which will be located on "ancient Aspreith" soil and primarily focus on scientific research; A School of Historical Archives, which will be located on "ancient Dolf-Hloab" soil and primarily focus on history and will hopefully include the long-awaited Interactive Timeline Quest. To work on it, just ask .. I will begin elections for the position of "Headmaster of the University" and "Dean of x school" after this session on the forums. So check that for voting information.

Issue #3: The Great Mover Racetrack

The other team building project, which hasn't really begun yet, is the Great Mover Racetrack.. which is where you guys can essentially raise a team of racing movers (e.g. horses, other creatures, or even a mobile that your character invented) and compete against other teams. All you have to do to get involved in the building of this project is ask.

Issue #4: University of Korth Events

Newman111 asked, "Will the Universities have any major events going on within them, or is that up to who is dean of them?"

The answer: Events can be planned by any player in the world. I will expect that the deans plan and hold events, even though it isn't an official requirement.

Issue #5: Quests

Quests can be built by any player, provided that they show me at least one awesome build of theres in another world such as AWTeen or something. so basically, if you have an idea for a quest you think people will enjoy, pitch it to me in a telegram or forum message... from there I'll decide if it's alright or not for the world and you can show me a preview build of yours next we're both around. If this preview build of yours is approved, you'll be given build rights and a quest location in world for you to start. I consider building outside your designated area to be a very high offense.. I think I am being very nice with how trusting I am with build, so just be smart about it. I don't think I have to worry about vandalism though.

Issue #6: AWMyths' Intended Niche in the AW Community

Each game, or role-playing world in AW has a certain niche it fulfills. I want this one to be the very highly player interactive one as much as possible. AW is an interactive, 3D environment, so if citizens are willing to pay for it, they'd mind as well get their money's worth. Players can already at this point decide if new civilizations will develop or remain forever as minor villages of Pylos.

Issue #7: Particles and Spells

Newman111 asks, "can particals be used in magic spell castings yet, or is the SDK still not allowing that?"

The answer: Very good news is that Goshenta the Genius of All things Bot-related as figured that out in addition to allowing myself to make custom spells/weapons/armors, so expect a lot more from that this Christmas break.

Garrick Caranthir Felagund of the Icepanther
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Caliph of the Underworld & the Cult of Ranul
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World Meeting Session 12/16
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