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 Personalized Movers Policy

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PostSubject: Personalized Movers Policy   Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:16 am

The policy for personalized movers is very simple. The following is an in depth example of what you need to do to attain a personalized mover:

Contact Garrick or Shokkus in any way possible and ask politely if you can have X type of mover at your place of residence

Remember to try to limit yourself to 1 personalized mover, however 2 will be a commonly accepted maximum (if you're a really good individual/asset to AWMyths, we may let you have 3-4 personalized movers)

Personalized Movers you can have are the following:
Trade Cart
Any Pick-Up Item (like sword, shield, pet to follow you around, etc)
Or anything else you could think of!

NOTE: Due to AW limitations, this opportunity is only available to citizens (not tourists) at this time

Oh, and make sure you are in good standing with Garrick and/or Shokkus. If you're rude, nasty, or a just plain pain in their arse for a personalized mover, we are not obligated to give you anything
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Personalized Movers Policy
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