AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 In Character (IC) vs. Out of Character (OOC)

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In Character (IC) vs. Out of Character (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: In Character (IC) vs. Out of Character (OOC)   In Character (IC) vs. Out of Character (OOC) EmptyFri Nov 23, 2007 4:55 am

To get started in this world, you will have to understand one very crucial thing:

The World is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game

This means that when you land in the world, you are the fantasy character that you yourself designed. You can be a big hotshot businessman in real life, but in AWMyths world, you are an entirely new person. You forge your own path, separate from your real life. You are In Character (also known as IC). You are your character, with no knowledge of your real life.

Next thing you should understand is how we commonly role-play. All open chat (beyond that OOC zone at GZ) is considered what your character is saying. Such as if you just type “hello” without the quotes of course, it is simply as if your character just spoke the word “hello”. In addition, to this, you can signify actions that you character takes by placing either ~’s or *’s at the beginning and end of a phrase. An example would be if you typed *waves* or ~waves~, it is simply as if your character just performed the action of waving. Typically, you keep these actions in the third person, but whatever is most comfortable for you is perfectly fine.
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In Character (IC) vs. Out of Character (OOC)
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