AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Conquests from Blood

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Visara is a young woman in her early teens. She is short of stature and very beautiful, with the jet black hair and red eyes for which her vampire side of the family has always been known.

In her youth, Visara was a meek, timid girl with little confidence or self-esteem. She knew no life other than one of exile, dependent and in constant fear of her mother. She was the only family she knew, but was often a cruel guardian, prone to mood swings and fits of violence.

Visara is the eldest daughter of Imperator Seran Adams of Prolix and one of his many concubines. She was named by her father as “Victoria Sarai”.[7] Visara was conceived during the last month of the summer that would ultimately end her father’s reign over Prolix. Shortly thereafter, her mother was sent to her family ancestral seat in Azharan to escape the coming of the sun. Visara was born in a large lake of elven blood while a great vampire feast raged in Azharan, killing what remained of the elven slaves in Azharan; for this reason she is sometimes known as "Visara Bloodborn."

The vampires of Azharan who raised her considered Visara the rightful ruler of Prolix and by extension of Korth despite her father’s fall from power and her mother’s exile. She regarded it as her duty to revenge herself on the ones who sit on the Prolix throne and reclaim the birthright that had been stolen from her when she was only a child. However in doing this, the vampires of Azharan were also robbing her of her rights as the heir to Azharan (her mother was the daughter of the King and Queen of Azharan).

Visara eventually found the help she sought in the Druidic Academy, in the form of a rich and powerful dark wizard-vampire, Salvatore Damon, who invited her to stay in his mansion and offered his help in reclaiming her throne. While Visara stays at the mansion, Salvatore arranges a marriage between her and her half-brother Marcain Adams. In return, Marcain is to provide Visara with ten thousand wizard orcs for her campaign to retake Prolix. She is frightened by the seemingly barbaric wizard orc culture and particularly terrified of her intended groom, a grotesque half-orc half-man who shares little in common with her. She refuses the marriage arrangement by striking Salvatore Damon through the heart with a wooden sword. She moves his corpse to bleed out all his dark magic and vampire blood into the mansion’s bathtub. She then walks unflinchingly into Salvatore’s blood bath. The resulting magic rejuvenates her life force, from which a single large bat emerges. Visara becomes the first female vampire war-leader, a Baroness of Blood Magic in her own right.

She wanders out into the Amandil Forests and is stranded in the desolate area. She dare not turn toward the Druidic Academy, the nations of Korth, or even the jealous vampires back in Azharan, for she would have made easy prey for any other vampire war-lords she encountered. Visara chooses instead to follow a red comet that had appeared in the sky following her blood bath; she believes that it heralds her own rise to power. The comet leads her to an ancient, abandoned city, which she names Vampricia. There she recovers from the ravages of the forest while she sends her bat to scout in all directions.

The bat remains some three weeks later carrying a female shadow being on its back. The female shadow being approached wearing a full covered red cloak and a silver mask.For 13 days, Visara learned the art of blood magic from the female shadow being and by the end of it, Visara was granted herself a red cloak with a silver mask with specific instructions that she must never unclothe herself again or there will be consequences. Visara was also told of a vampire brood living in underground caverns to the east where they raised 10,000 humans to be used like cattle for the good of the brood. The female shadow being marked a black path in the dirt to lead the way, but just before she vanished, she left Visara with a final set of words to leave by:

“The silver stars are burning. Soon comes the bronze blood, and after her the others. The red jaguar and the black lava, the wolf and the panther’s river, the willow’s daughter and the fairy’s wings. Trust none of them. Remember the Pledge of the Undead. And always Beware the body of the Human Spirit most of all.”

In a second, the female shadow being was gone and in her place was a black trail in the dirt, and Visara becomes known as the Oncoming Darkness.

Visara followed the trail with her bat flying above her as lookout.The trail leads her to a hidden tunnel that brings her to an underground cave that houses all 10,000 of the human cattle being used to be feasted upon by a vampire brood.Visara looks around the cave and notes to the humans that they have a lot of wood, and certainly plenty to make small wooden daggers. She tells them all that the way to kill a vampire would be a simple wooden dagger through the heart, and then she proceeds further into the tunnels. She comes upon a dark and damp cave where the vampire brood of about 2,000 vampires are engaged in a meeting before their blood queen, who Visara recognizes as having bronze skin.Visara introduces herself as a queen of Vampricia (although the vampire brood do not know that Vamprica is an abandoned, fictional city) and that her people are starving, and she would like to purchase all of the human cattle.The bronzed queen laughs at Visara and asks what her brood can get in return. Visara offers the vampire brood that she will use her blood magic to destroy the sun and then shows the bronzed queen a vision in a pool of blood depicting her destroying the sun.The bronzed queen accepts and offers Visara a place to stay in the cavern for the day so that the exchange can take place in a fortnight.

In the middle of the night, the human cattle stab most of the vampires through the heart with wooden daggers, as suggested by Visara.In the panic, the bronzed queen halts all the chaos with the help of the Blood Orb and she orders that the exchange should happen now and then.Visara performs a blood magic ritual before all the remaining vampires and the frozen human cattle.Next, the bronzed queen says that she saw Visara’s treachery and she orders the frozen human cattle to come alive again to kill Visara. What happens next is that the flames in the torches all of a sudden grow stronger, the shadows cast by everything in the cavern grow taller, and the frozen human cattle come alive... To finish the job of stabbing every vampire except the bronzed queen and Visara through the heart.The bronzed queen herself moves at the speed of light to attack Visara, but just as quickly, Visara’s bat swoops through the cavern and impales the bronzed queen. Visara earns her new title as a Huntress of Evil.

Visara then orders the now free humans to depart the caverns and never look back into the darkness within. With nowhere to go, the humans refuse and ask where they should go. Visara gives them all directions to the bustling cities of Prolix, and that she may show them the way if they do a favor for her on the way.

Visara sends them on a covert mission through the underground tunnels all the way to Prolix. The mission’s objective is simple: to find and force her half-brother Joel Adams and his closest advisors out of power. The mission succeeds and wins Prolix with minimal blood and the humans are granted homesteads in the Prolix cities. Visara earns her place as the Countess of Prolix.

Having captured Prolix, Visara turns her eyes toward Azharan, however, she learns that there is much she does not know about ruling. Upon hearing that the Archspirit returned and broke part of Prolix away from the main nation in hopes of igniting a human civil war. She resolves to bring order to Prolix and all of Korth before leaving it behind. Among her first moves is the construction of a haven for vampires on the south side of Prolix, which she named Vassai City.

Visara struggles at first as ruler of Prolix, mainly due to the constant threats surrounding her. A portion of Prolix's wealthy bankers and wizards who maintain loyalty to the Archspirit fight a covert war with her in court and in the streets, attacking lone merchants or guards in the black of night and drawing a pentagram nearby with the jaguar blood. The rebels have also scrawled graffiti on the walls of Prolix in jaguar blood promising a death to the families of any who serve the Vampire Queen.

She vowed to restore order as...

Visara Bloodborn,
Princess of Vampires and Humankind,
Baroness of Blood Magic,
The Oncoming Darkness,
Huntress of Evil,
Countess of Great Prolix
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The Conquests from Blood
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