AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Maxwell Kane

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K a n e

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PostSubject: Maxwell Kane   Maxwell Kane EmptySun Aug 26, 2007 11:26 am

Citizen Name: K a n e

Character name: Maxwell Kane,but he likes to be called Kane

Character Race:Half breed,drow father and an human mother,he gets his skills from his father

Character Approximate Age:27,looks older

Character Apparel:dark silky soft hair,about 5'11',wears a lot of armor,and has a gold bow and gold arrows.

Brief Background:He came from a small village where there are half breeds,his father was a drow and he tought him mostly how to fight thats where he get his skills from and his evilness from, his father used to be a evil phsyco killer.His mother was a human,she taught him love and compassion,and she taught him how to fish.His father used to abuse him a lot, so one day his mother got tired of his father abusing him,then they got into an arguement,then his father killed his mother,Then the Hate and revenge for his father got into his eyes,Kane took a dagger and stabbed his father in the back multiple times.The next morning Kane got into the boat him and his mom used to go and fish with,he was traveling somewhere, then came a terrible sea storm, the waves were huge and strong,then lightning struck the boat,once the lightning struck the boat it ripped into peices then Kane blacked out.The next morning Kane strangely survived the storm, once he woke up he was amazed that he survived the storm...but the storm had took him some land....THE LAND OF KORTH!.

Character Allies:
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Maxwell Kane
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