AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Caliph Multilex of Pylos

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Char Name: Royal Prince Multilex Asquale Felagund of Darkness
Char Race: Drow
Char Allies: Moon God Ranul

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PostSubject: Caliph Multilex of Pylos   Caliph Multilex of Pylos EmptyThu Jun 18, 2015 12:55 pm

Aeons seem to have past, and few remember the old stories. Conflict, power, evil, are but few of the things those stories would tell; For the old to remember and the young to learn. Who seems to remember, though, in our times? The old have forgotten and the young are failing to learn.

"Woe, for they shall awaken once more in the darkness! And the moon will rejoice! and it's followers shall gain power and the land will split, not in glorious empires to reign and rule with wealth and fame; but in a dark and sinister way, secretly from the public's eye. In a higher realm where few see and even less believe. And Korth shall be caught in the middle; and sorrow to the masses of the races that once ridiculed and perverted the Darks' ways across the Land; with the intend to make them obsolete..."- Scroll found near the unknown temple ruins SW of Pylos

Awakened by the most Sacred Cult of Ranul, has unleashed other evil powers behind him, awaiting underground, in the deepest of the Elghinn Chambers, to rule Pylos once more, and attain the status of a Demi-God, for in the legend he is revered and remembered so well, but little chance to change his fate has he had. Long has he slept in the Underworld, his birthplace, after murdering his brother, like an animal that kills and retreats. For now in the commotion many things take place, and the lands shift and Old Rivers Rivers disappear and New Ones are replacing them, as it had been prophesised, And his lawful right to rule will pardon his sins that once held him a captive of his own demise. He is reborn and dormant, but not for long, for he is waiting for the darkest moment in the night, the brightest moment of the Moon, when even the wind will hush in his coming, and these will be but of the few of the signs of the beginning of this ghastly nightmare...!

More to come...
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Caliph Multilex of Pylos
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