AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Tattiana of House Talahandra, 3rd of Negir'il

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PostSubject: Tattiana of House Talahandra, 3rd of Negir'il   Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:06 pm

There are whispers on the winds of the Queen's whereabouts. She has been spending alot of time behind the dusty tomes of every library she encounters. "Why should she bother?" they speak.

No one dared to question her.

No one asked her about how she came to the surface. Why was she the only one from the Northeastern tunnels that once lead to her city. Didn't the Elghinn come that way once?  She came to the surface as if she had seen battle. "She was wearing the Elghinn's armor but she still had her own house tunic......why?"

One servant reported seeing her spending time cleaning the bricks with her own hands.

All things certain.   She was not the original Queen. She is not Elghinn but she hails from the same city they once came. No other houses surfaced from that city, not yet at least.

Tatt has heard them whisper all this and more. Why should she tell them the truth?  Would they believe her if she told of how during the earthquakes, the ceilings in the cave fell and the magical wards broke? Would they believe her that the arrogance of the many led to so few survivors making thier way to the surface?  How could she explain to them how each one fell in the shadows to a hidden horror that even the most skilled raiders could not see.  Noone will believe her when she tells them what she did to survive this long.  She is Drow. She is all that is evil to them.

Wear what you know as a cloak.  Deception is your greatest key.

As below, the city above lay in ruin. Her people (if they survived) will need somewhere to go. The 2nd House failed in maintaining this city so it is up to the 3rd house of Negir'il to complete thier task. The Valsharess is dead. A new one has to take her place.  

The Talahandra House becomes the 1st.

Rharessen zhaunil alurl
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Tattiana of House Talahandra, 3rd of Negir'il
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