AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 Volcano Quest Walk Through

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PostSubject: Volcano Quest Walk Through   Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:59 pm

Volcano quest

Plan to die often.

Be sure you have put all your sp in the bank prior to begining this or any quest.

Common Courtesy:  Please clean your dead bodies and clean up any blood. It sure helps when trying to make your way through if you do not have to worry about someones skeleton making it impossible for you to complete part of the quest.

Set up tent at top of volcano and click on it after so others do not get stuck in your tent. (you will still get sent there as your /h). Be sure to always click on your tent after setting it up so you can take it with you to the next room.

1. Click on the ghostly horse, another will appear to your right, click it, then another will appear again to your right, click it and then jump thru the gate.

2. Your view will be changed to chase view and be overhead. You will not be able to change the view so DO NOT PANIC!!!!   Slowly using your arrow keys turn yourself so you can move, MOVE SLOWLY, and work your way up thru the pillars without touching them.   About 2 or so pillars in you will see a sign on the left. A lever will be next to it. Click the lever and continue slowly moving and turning to get to the other side. When you make it into the next room your camera view will be normal again.
Note:: Be sure you have clicked the lever next to the sign or you will not be able to enter the next room.

3. Set your tent.
Jump on each pillar!  If you fall you will die. When you reach the end Jump down on the wooden area. Click on the first Ball with fire in it on your left and move to the right. There will be another big ball with fire. Click it. There will be a small ball of fire behind the second ball. Click the small ball. You will be teleported to another room.
Note:: Be sure you have touched each pillar so the balls will appear.

4. Set your tent. Click on the skeleton to get the boon. There is a small ball under the pot. Click the ball to open the door to the next room.

5. Patience and timing are all about this room. make your way through the obstacles until you find the hall with Skeletons

6. Set your tent. Jump on the Skeletons shoulders, without touching the spikes in the ceiling. There are 3 rows of these to jump to get to the next room. Or if your strong enough you can kill the skeletons they do hold silver for the taking.

7. Set your tent. In the next room click the Staff 2 times then a blue lightening will appear on the throne, It may be hard to see. Click it.  You have 1 second to get as many boons as you can. Repeat this until you have gotten all the boons. when your done  /gz out.

Be sure you set your tent in a place once out of the quest. Do not leave your tent in a quest.
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Volcano Quest Walk Through
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